Saturday, May 3, 2014

Marinwoood Village Propaganda Photo by Bridge Housing

The Marin IJ has an annoying practice of publishing developers concept drawings in news stories.  It is a disservice to it's readers and objective journalism.  Take the above photo for example, created by Bridge Housing to sell their vision to the public.   Look at the Lexus SUV, the happy couples walking, riding bikes, milling about their "vibrant shopping area".  The majority of residents will be catagorized as extremely low or very low income, unlikely to drive a luxury car.

 Is the image incorrect on purpose?  The orientation of the buildings is all wrong and the  72 high density housing and the hundreds of cars that will be parked here are not seen in this Disneyland pictorial.  (I wonder why?) The housing units will tower 50% ABOVE Casa Marinwood.  

This housing development will be THREE TIMES the density as any apartment building in Marinwood. There is simply not enough parking. All of the surrounding side streets WILL BE CHOKED with cars as is seen in this quick drive through of the Canal district in San Rafael.

Get REAL Marinwood.  We cannot afford this Big Box Complex that pays almost no taxes and destroys our neighborhood. Let's go back to the drawing board with a development like Rotary Village that preserves community.

The Bridge Housing Concept drawing is  laughable as this ad for Camel cigarettes.

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