Saturday, September 29, 2012

Access Denied. The "public" planning sessions for Marinwood/Lucas Valley

"No monkey business, please"

So.. you are frustrated that you haven't heard about all of the housing planned for Marinwood/Lucas Valley?

It's not surprising.  They don't actually want a crowd at their meetings.  They are often scheduled at times and places most inconvient for most of us.  For example, this morning, Saturday, September 29th, there was a planning meeting at Mary Freitas Senior center in Terra Linda from 9:00AM to 10:30AM.

Why should you know about it?  If you are a normal person, you'd never guess that a meeting about the fate of Marinwood/Lucas Valley was occuring today.

The Planning department  was invited to hold a public meeting in OUR  Marinwood Community Center in a town hall format.  They initially accepted and suddenly changed the date, time and location of the meeting.  Instead of a "community event", they would conduct their own "planning workshop" where they could sell their ideas for growth without scrutiny of the public.

I knew about the meeting but refused to publicize a sham event.  I'd be curious if anyone else knew about the event.  (note: there were only two Marinwood-Lucas Valley people present,  a couple that has been closely following events at the planning department.  No other "regular" people attended.

I stopped by Marinwood Community Center and it was empty at 10:00 AM.  I assume it would have been available at no cost to the planners for 1 1/2 hours.

Why do you suppose they had the event in Terra Linda instead of Marinwood? It would have been much better attended and publicized.    This should tell you everything you need to know about the "public" involvement in the 2012 Housing Element.  The "public" events you never hear about seem to be for show, only. Thank goodness this plan is coming to light.
Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

I hope our leaders will recognize the need to involve our community in the planning process when so much is at stake.  Our schools, public services, roads etc. may be inundated with a huge influx of people, growing our community by 20%.  It only seems right that we should be part of the planning process.

Please sign the petition at

Join us to get the word out to our neighbors.  Print out flyers  (see post "neighborhood alert")and give it to your neighbors.   Talk at your community meetings.  Email friends. Come to the planning meeting on October 8th.

No matter how you feel about the housing, let's preserve our community democracy by having open meetings about housing in Marinwood/Lucas Valley.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The staff report for the Oct 8th planning commission report is here

The Planning commission will judge the fate of Marinwood/Lucas Valley on October 8th.
 Check out the staff planning report below.  It cites major changes to Marinwood-Lucas Valley.  Please try to attend from 1-5pm at the Civic Center.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another 280 units of affordable housing for Lucas Valley?

The Board of Supervisors are having a wild time with changing zoning for Affordable Housing.

The Board of Supervisors are considering big plans for urbanization of Lucas Valley.

They seek to increase the number of allowable units at Luiz Ranch off Lucas Valley Rd from 28 units to 280 low income units.  

See page 19

If we sleep on this issue, we lose.   Come to the Planning meeting on October 8th

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What May Happen in Marin if we don't agree to Smart Growth in Marinwood-Lucas Valley

One of the main reasons ABAG is insisting on massive urbanization of Marinwood-Lucas Valley,  is to prevent what this UN video is forecasting.

The obvious fact that our suburban homes provide a carbon buffer when we surround ourselves with open space, trees and parks is lost on them.  They claim that adding thousands of people in concentrated "living zones" magically will reduce our carbon footprint in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair Housing for Marinwood-Lucas Valley?

Fair housing for Marinwood-Lucas Valley?   It depends who is calling this "fair"....  Are you?

The above chart represents the distribution of all Extremely Low Income to Low Income housing units in unincorporated Marin for the 2012 Housing Element.  83% of all of these units are located from St Vincents/Silvera Ranch to Grady Ranch near Big Rock in Lucas Valley.* All of these units reside within the boundries of Marinwood CSD which incorporates Upper Lucas Valley estates.  Currently school children from St. Vincents attend the Dixie school district. 

The effect of the sudden increase of housing within our community will be to grow our population by an estimated 20%  (2.23 per household) and add hundreds of school children to the Dixie school district.  The "non profit" developers (they must organize this way to qualify for HUD financing) meanwhile pay no property taxes, get generous tax deductions, low interest loans and many development fees are waived.  Even the design review and environmental impact review are "fast tracked" bypassing the standard protections for the public.

Our new residents,  by definition of "low income" will be contributing minimally to our local tax base yet will have full voting rights to pass new property taxes to the current residents for the services they will require.  How else will we fund new schools, pay for new police, fire and park services?

Did you even know that this is being proposed for our community?

Does this sound "fair" to you?

You can read all about it in the 2012 Housing Element found at

 Pages 104 to 106 and the appendix contains housing location information.  Please note the following acronyms ELI= extremely low income VLI=very low income, LI=Low Income, Mod=Moderate Income.   HOD= Housing Overlay District is a  "super zoning" that was magically applied in the 2007 Marin County Plan.  It avoided the messiness of  public involvement for real zoning changes. Sound Fair?
Please sign the petition below to suspend approval of the Housing Element until our community can discuss the details and weigh the proposals benefits and costs.!/2012/09/sign-petition-to-suspend-2012-housing.html

*chart data was sourced from the 2012 Housing Element update on 9/21/2012 pages 104 to 106.