Thursday, March 26, 2020

Response to Marinwood CSD B.S.

Mr Dreikosen and CSD Board Members,

I don't know who you think you are fooling.  You have not returned my calls, emails and only responded when I published my criticism of your lack of communication and initiative in yesterday.

When I ask simple direct questions I expect simple direct responses.  Your letter was not direct.

The entire CSD board ignored warnings at the March 10, 2020 CSD meeting about the coming  "COVID19 Hurricane" by the public and our fire chief.  Foolishly, it took a "wait and see" approach when ACTION was needed to protect public health.  Maybe it was more concerned with hiding the settlement the Miller lawsuit than addressing public needs.

  Now two weeks later after I appealled to the Marin County Health Officer, Matt Willis, MD to give the Marinwood CSD a directive to CLEAN THE PUBLIC Bathrooms, Fountains,  Portapotties and Empty trash the CSD has only taken partial action?  

How was I to know that this was the very day our Health Officer discovered that he had Coronavirus too?   Common sense should have been enough to address this but clearly the Marinwood CSD has other priorities than the safety of our seniors and vulnerable population.  The CSD has done too little, too late.

So the portipotty has not been cleaned for two weeks?  How many people do you think have been infected?  You are relying on a contractor during a pandemic to protect our community? Shame on you.

Likewise your response to the financial challenge shows that you have no active strategy to address what is likely to be a loss of a significant portion of our revenue.  You can't even make the call to delay the Maintenance Facility project that is already a  HUGE COST that you dare not mention?

The Marinwood CSD desperately needs to manage the crisis with bold leadership and tough choices.  Is it up to the task?

Dreikosen responds FINALLY (with More BS).

Eric Dreikosen Responds FINALLY.  

Dear Stephen,

As stated in a previous response to you, (ERIC DREIKOSEN IGNORED US since this crisis began. HE NEVER SENT US A RESPONSE. THIS IS A TOTAL UNTRUTHFUL STATEMENT) our efforts are focused on essential priorities and continuously changing response and impacts associated with the COVID-19 situation.  All non-essential items and requests will be responded to and/or addressed as time and circumstances allow.  Your understanding remains appreciated.

The District does have a page on our website containing updates in response to the current COVID-19 situation.  It can be found at  The public is encouraged to check this page often for updates.  Furthermore, updates are also posted on our various social media platforms.  Many of your questions and/or suggestions from this and your other prior correspondences have already been addressed via these platforms.  THERE HAVE BEEN NO POSTED NOTES or Email blasts except to announce closure.  Posts to Facebook and Nextdoor are insufficient to reach majority of people.  Where is the bulletin board / signage ?

In brief response to your current questions…

Yes, our sanitation efforts have increased as was indicated in a prior release.  Additionally, our facilities have been closed throughout the duration of the shelter in place order.  This includes our playgrounds and park bathroom which does indeed lock and is currently closed.  We have been attempting to coordinate with the company from whom the porta potty is leased to arrange a full service.  This is now anticipated to occur tomorrow at which time that too will be closed and locked.  These actions are consistent with the efforts of other park providers throughout the County.

District staff are analyzing a wide variety of potential financial impacts due to current situation.  The summer camp and pool revenue contribute $1mm+ each year and the CSD has no plan?!!

District staff have researched a wide variety of potential virtual meeting platforms in addition to current exceptions granted within the Brown Act by the State due to the current situation.  At this time no decisions have been made.

Capital projects have not been suspended at this time.  DREIKOSEN hired former CSD politician, Bill Hansell as architect for an estimated cost of $13,500 for the ENTIRE MAINTENANCE FACILITY PROJECT but has paid him FIVE TIMES the amount for an initial drawing.  THE CSD REFUSES to discuss the project COST.  It is estimated that it will be $500,000 or more making it the most expensive landscaping garage in the history of Marin County.  A perfectly acceptable alternative can be built for $50-$100k.   CLEARLY the Marinwood CSD is willing to risk BANKRUPTCY on this project. WHY ARE THEY HIDING THE COST?

The District does not have the resources to coordinate a community volunteer effort, not to mention the need to conduct the required background screening and quite possibly medical screening given the current circumstances.  However, there are several agencies in Marin County that already do perform this type of work and coordination.  Should you wish to volunteer or are in need of volunteer services you are encouraged to contact agencies such as the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, Marin VOAD, the County of Marin, etc.

THE MARINWOOD CSD just settled a lawsuit for $150,000 with an elderly couple.  They spent an estimated another $50,000 on legal fees. The couple was willing to settle for $50k in 2017 but the CSD foolishly pursued a legal case costing the district an estimated $200,000.  It is is this type of FECKLESS management is the heart of Marinwood CSD's financial woes not the cost time effort by a staff member during the shut down. The program will cost nothing since most staff are idol.  FECKLESS management has cost the district HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Marinwood CSD is Missing in Action while Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager has disappeared since the Coronavirus shut down March 13, 2019. Below is the latest of several letters to the Marinwood CSD that have gone unanswered.  The staff is on full salary and benefits but has yet to ensure that Marinwood CSD Community Facilities will be cleaned or maintained.  It is clear that Dreikosen is unprepared to cope with the crisis.

Letter the Marinwood CSD Staff/Board March 25, 2020:

Will you please answer these questions?

1.) Have you increased the disinfection of public restrooms, fountains and public use areas in Marinwood CSD district?  Please advise immediately.

2.) Are you planning for the worst case scenario for the economy and loss of Marinwood CSD revenue?   As you know Governor Newsom is predicting 12 week shut down and schools may not resume this year at all. Even if it does, parents may drastically alter their plans for the children to attend summer camp.  You need to prepare for this now.

3.) Have you planned how to conduct public business?  I can offer technical assistance in video streaming meetings during this period.  Just let me know.  I believe the Brown Act still is in effect but may not have the requirement of physical presence.  A meeting in Zoom may be allowed.     

4.)  Have you suspended capital projects until the financial situation stabilizes?  Obviously the Maintenance Facility project will be a major investment and could easily topple Marinwood CSD finances in this unstable period. It is irresponsible not to discuss this major investment with the community.   You are a public agency.  Please be public.

5.) Have you created a "volunteer matching" program like Fairfax? It may save lives.  Surely one of our paid staff can coordinate this.  Are they busy with other tasks?

As one of the few members of the public that regular attends Marinwood CSD meetings,  we are frequently told,  "please ask the staff" or "we will address this outside the meeting".   It is rare that we actually hear from you.   I assume no one has resigned their post or been dismissed from their job duties.   I expect that Marinwood CSD business is moving forward.  Please engage the public. It is your duty.

 Your leadership is more important than ever.  The very future of the district depends on it.

P.S. Hopefully, the malaria pills will treat the virus soon but the ensuing financial effects may have major consequences for years to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Great idea from Fairfax. Lets do this in Marinwood/Lucas Valley

Saw this on Facebook Group “Coronavirus in Marin”

Just sent this letter to the Marinwood CSD.

Great idea from Fairfax to get help to people.  Marinwood CSD can help coordinate.  Can be printed and distributed this week. 

Anyone interested in helping out with this effort send a note to: