Thursday, March 26, 2020

Response to Marinwood CSD B.S.

Mr Dreikosen and CSD Board Members,

I don't know who you think you are fooling.  You have not returned my calls, emails and only responded when I published my criticism of your lack of communication and initiative in yesterday.

When I ask simple direct questions I expect simple direct responses.  Your letter was not direct.

The entire CSD board ignored warnings at the March 10, 2020 CSD meeting about the coming  "COVID19 Hurricane" by the public and our fire chief.  Foolishly, it took a "wait and see" approach when ACTION was needed to protect public health.  Maybe it was more concerned with hiding the settlement the Miller lawsuit than addressing public needs.

  Now two weeks later after I appealled to the Marin County Health Officer, Matt Willis, MD to give the Marinwood CSD a directive to CLEAN THE PUBLIC Bathrooms, Fountains,  Portapotties and Empty trash the CSD has only taken partial action?  

How was I to know that this was the very day our Health Officer discovered that he had Coronavirus too?   Common sense should have been enough to address this but clearly the Marinwood CSD has other priorities than the safety of our seniors and vulnerable population.  The CSD has done too little, too late.

So the portipotty has not been cleaned for two weeks?  How many people do you think have been infected?  You are relying on a contractor during a pandemic to protect our community? Shame on you.

Likewise your response to the financial challenge shows that you have no active strategy to address what is likely to be a loss of a significant portion of our revenue.  You can't even make the call to delay the Maintenance Facility project that is already a  HUGE COST that you dare not mention?

The Marinwood CSD desperately needs to manage the crisis with bold leadership and tough choices.  Is it up to the task?

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