Friday, July 17, 2020

BLM protesters harass elderly women in Novato

Black Lifes Matter marched on Old Town Novato on July 11, 2020.   It started out relatively peaceful with pleas for support against racism.

Language became more virulent and strident as it progressed. This speaker below urges the crowd to "Take what belongs to us"

The protesters were from all over the Bay Area and some appeared to be professional organizers. A Novato high school student organized the initial protest in concert with the Novato Police but then the BLM organizers took over and refused to cooperate with the police.

The protesters violated an agreement not to block traffic and tied up traffic on the 101 overpass.

The protesters claimed it was a "peaceful protest" but the anger was evident in their words and actions.  Fortunately it did not end like other protests in the Bay Area that were accompanied by looting, vandalism, graffiti and violence.

Tensions overflowed in downtown Old Novato outside a restaurant.  Two elderly woman and a couple were surrounded by angry demonstrators and shouted down before police intervened.  

Later BLM marchers justified their actions by suggesting that the women had provoked them by giving them a "thumbs down" sign.  Others suggested that "old people are racists too" and should be held to account.     Many citizens have been appalled at this behavior and asked for stronger police protection in the future. 

It is obvious that the BLM protests could boil over at any minute.   

The Marin IJ blamed the anger on the tweets of an angry resident and totally missed the confrontation in downtown Novato.  They made it sound like a pep rally but the video tells a different story.

Marinwood Man Disrespects BLM and gets Harassed at Home

On June 2, 2020 a Marinwood man unleashes a profanity filled rant against graffiti in chalk at the corner of Marinwood Blvd and Miller Creek Rd.  Violent riots and looting had been happening in the Bay Area after the George Floyd protests.  Vandalism had occurred in the neighborhood. Although he does not use racial language, protesters immediately called him racist for insulting Black Lives Matter by saying "All Lives Matter"

Later,  the protesters intimidate the man outside his home around the corner.  (no sound) Friends and the Sheriff were called to protect his safety.  Protesters took to social media and vowed to destroy his business and reputation and claimed all of his supporters as "white supremacists"

At the June 9th, 2020 Marinwood CSD meeting, Board President Jeff Naylor recommends the Marinwood CSD publish a letter of support for Black Lives Matter to counter the bad publicity.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Marinwood CSD is writing a blank check for Maintenance Shed as bankruptcy looms.

Marinwood CSD has allowed an unlimited budget for a new Maintenance Shed designed by former Marinwood CSD Politician Bill Hansell. Hansell hired current Marinwood CSD Manager Eric Dreikosen in 2016 shortly before he left office and Bill has been consulting for Marinwood CSD since that time in various capacities. The Marinwood Maintenance shed project has been on the books for years. The current dilapidated structure should have been replaced decades ago. Previous boards proposed a simple structure that would have cost the district less than $100.000. After Bill Hansell was hired the project ballooned in size and the cost has been hidden. Marinwood CSD resident John Boro asks the board and Bill Hansell, if there are any budget guidelines. Bill Hansell admits that "NO BUDGET LIMITS" have been discussed. This is simply not acceptable. Who gives a blank check to an architect with no budget guidelines? Hansell even claims not to know how much the project will cost until we receive bids. By not doing sufficient due diligence the board is abusing public responsibility, trust and public funds.  Izabella confirmed their previous mistake regarding the fire house kitchen project, budgeted 40k, spent 100k.  Plus there were management issues regarding project completion, which we read about in the IJ.  That could happen again based on what was said by the board and Hansell. This corrupt project must be shut down immediately and an investigation of the CSD finances must be done. As of July 2020, the Marinwood CSD is losing $1.2 million dollars of revenue due to the cancellation of recreational programs. The Marinwood CSD is headed into bankruptcy.