Thursday, August 22, 2013

A public forum and discussion about the Common Core in Conejo , CA (Southern California)

Here is another video (from a friend)...Haven't watched the full video yet, but it apparently has pros/cons.

Post from a friend:   It's long, but very informative if you want to learn about Common Core both pro and con. If you can only watch part of it, watch the last hour and a half where they are taking questions from the parents and teachers in the audience. There is an excellent question at the 1:02 mark. Also listen to the very beginning so you understand the qualifications of the various speakers. If you can, listen to the entire thing. If you feel comfortable, feel free to post here on this thread what your thoughts are about all of this. At the 1:27 mark and on and off after that there is some discussion about the privacy protections that have been turned upside down. 


  1. Common Sense versus Obama's Indoctrination

    What would you rather have your child learn?

    Pretty Simple to figure out what is going on here.

    Bill Ayers is involved. For Marin people who don't know who Bill Ayers is....he detonated many bombs (literally) and killed people. Do you want him teaching your children?

  2. One of the other tactics that the Obama administration uses it to get you to talk about the details. Step back for a moment and look at everything Obama is changing. The part you are talking about is just a piece of the bigger scheme. The discussion should not be about the piece but it should be about the big picture, and that is what Obama is doing in the big picture. Words like communism, dictator, control, manipulation, indoctrination, etc should be what the discussion is about. Not about just a piece of the pie. Obama wants you to look at just the piece of the pie because then he knows you don't see the big picture pie. Obama has placed you in the weeds meanwhile he has taken over the entire country while you play in the weeds. Stop the insantity, look at the big picture.

    This meeting should have been all about that Obama is taking over the country and this is just yet another piece. Play the game that they are playing. Don't be a fool.