Saturday, September 7, 2019


ALL the Members of the body conspired against the Belly, as against the swallowing gulf of all their labors; for whereas the eyes beheld, the ears heart, the hands labored, the feet traveled, the tongue spake, and all parts performed their functions; only the Belly lay idle, and consumed all. 

 Hereupon, they jointly agreed, all to forbear their labors, and to leave their lazy and public enemy to take care of himself. One day passed over, the second followed very slowly, but the third day was so grievous to them all that they called a common council. The eyes waxed dim, the feet could not support the body, the arms waxed lazy, the tongue faltered, and could not lay open the matter; therefore they all , with one accord, desired the advice of the Heart.  
Then the Heart told them: "It is true that the Belly receives all the meats, but it sends them out again for the nourishment of all parts of the body, and all must work together for the common good. 

The Belly cannot do without the Members, nor the Members without the Belly."


Marinwood CSD Board Packet September 10, 2019

Social Credit Score, USA

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Tale of Two Parks Maintenance Sheds. ("Why is Marinwood CSD building a White Elephant?)

Marin County just completed a new staff building for McInnis Park in 2017 . It is 1205 square foot facility including a 640 aquare foot garage and serves a staff of six employees.

McInnis Park, located at 310 Smith Ranch Road in San Rafael, is a 450 acre park that offers an award-winning skatepark, two softball fields, two soccer fields, a canoe launch, four tennis/pickleball courts, a group picnic area, and nature trails. It has a full time/seasonal staff of six. They are housed in a 1205 square foot garage and office.

Marinwood Park is 14.2 acres with approximately 6 acres improved space which features four tennis courts, two large fields, a playground, pool, picnic area and a community center.  It has a full time landscaping staff of three.  

Marinwood CSD wants to build a 4400 square foot facility for Marinwood Park to replace the old garage. The main building is 3200 square feet and features a 14' tall x 80' long front wall and is surrounded by another 40' x 70' long fence.  It is enormous, yet the drive through design means that 1/3 of the interior space must be left open for access. A staff shower was recently added to the design.  The building is TWICE the size of neighboring homes.  Outside storage of landscaping waste, bulk materials and parking for the dump truck and trailer will be in front of the building now shown as a lawn in the fanciful architect's rendering.
The McInnis Park building is on the park road leading to the tennis courts and skate park. It is an practical shed roof design with a 640 square foot garage and an attached 565 square foot office. McInnis Park has a much larger staff and equipment storage needs but somehow find they find a much smaller facility than Marinwood CSD Maintenance Compound will serve them.  It was recently completed in 2017.

The McInnis Park staff facility is an excellent model for Marinwood CSD to copy for our needs.  It is a modest, organic design and will fit well in our nature park setting.  If Marinwood CSD adopted such a design it will certainly win widespread support from citizens of Marinwood.

Why DOE MARINWOOD CSD propose a Maintenance Compound that is THREE TIMES the size of McInnis Park Staff facilities for our tiny staff with minimal needs?

Stop the White Elephant

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Editor's Note CORRECTION:An earlier version of this story mentioned $985k construction cost but that bid proposal was for two buildings and included significant lot improvements in addition to the construction of the building. You can see the RFP from Marin County Parks here. Prevailing wage work is very expensive but not as bad as the original version of the story implied.   The Marinwood CSD has not discussed the planned budget for the RFP.  It seems like a basic step for planning a major capital project, doesn't it? The Marinwood CSD should not hide budgets from the public before moving the project.  That is why we will insist on a PUBLIC FORUM to weigh the project against alternative design proposals.  A sensibly designed project will win public support. 

Public asks Questions about Maintenance Shed project but gets Dodgy Response

Monday, September 2, 2019

New exhibit in Marinwood Park: Marinwood Kids in the 1970s

A new exhibit of Kids of Marinwood  and Terra Linda has been installed.  The exhibit will be in three parts and displayed through September and October.

Marinwood CSD explains actions taken since armed sex attack

Luke Fretwell, Recreation Director and Eric Driekosen, CSD Manager explain what they have done since the April 2019 armed sex attack on a juvenile during a party.  In short, they have done nothing except stop taking reservations.  No improvement in security, no video surveillance, no policies on alcohol, no security deposits,  etc.

Sunday, September 1, 2019


TWO BULLS were fighting furiously in a field, at one side of which was a marsh. An old Frog living in the marsh, trembled as he watched the fierce battle. "What are you afraid of?" asked a young Frog.


"Do you not see," replied the old Frog, "that the Bull who is beaten, will be driven away from the good forage up there to the reeds of this marsh, and we shall all be trampled into the mud?"
It turned out as the Frog had said. The beaten Bull was driven to she marsh, where his great hoofs crushed the Frogs to death.
When the great fall out, the weak must suffer for it.

Eric Dreikosen advises to Arrest the Public to maintain Civility at CSD Meetings

Unbelievably, Eric Driekosen is recommending armed police presence at public meetings to remove people while ignoring real crimes that have occured in the community center.  After five months of "study" after a April 2019 armed sex attack, Dreikosen has failed to produce a single improvement for the safety of the community.  Who needs this?  Dreikosen is more concerned about "civility" than than an attempted armed rape in the Community Center.