Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Dreikosen explains build process for the White Elephant

Marinwood General Manager, Eric Dreikosen explains the build process for the largest most expensive maintenance garage ever conceived in Marinwood Park. The project, aka "White Elephant" or "Hansell's Folly" features custom features usually found in custom home including a private shower for our three workers. It represents an outrageous use of our park space that seems to have little other purpose than to buoy the career of an ex CSD politician, Bill Hansell. At the administrative hearing, Hansell and Dreikosen admitted that they will be utilizing the horseshoe pit for "hammerhead" turnarounds. A different proposal roughly 1/2 the size with a traditional side access garage like the one in McInnis park would have cost a small fraction of the bloated proposal that Marinwood CSD is now pushing. They REFUSE to discuss its cost publicly. This is a huge RED FLAG for a financial disaster. Already, we believe that Bill Hansell will bill the district $60k before a single shovel hits the dirt and much more during the project. Initial estimate for his services for the ENTIRE PROJECT was $13.5k. Obviously, Bill Hansell has a sweethart deal that will cost the district dearly. It can be stopped and we can build a "right size" building instead.

Dreikosen Cock sure about The Marinwood "White Elephant" a.k.a. "Hansell's Folly"

The Marinwood CSD is boasting their success while hiding the true cost, the sleazy deals, the environmental harm of
the "White Elephant" aka. "Hansell's Folly".  They REFUSE to disclose the projected cost.

Marinwood CSD manager., Eric Dreikosen boasts about his "victory" winning the approval of "Hansell's Folly" in Marinwood Park. It will be the most expensive building project in Marinwood's History and have custom features found only in high end homes. It is a ridiculous theft of public resources and parkland we love so dearly. An alternative design similar to the McInnis Park facility was rejected shortly after ex Marinwood CSD politician, Bill Hansell was hired secretly. So far, his billing for his drawings have exceeded initial estimates of a pre-engineered building.