Monday, May 16, 2022

Have we turned our back on Racism in Marinwood?


Photo of BLM protest May 2020. The chalk reads, "No lives matter till Black Lives Matter."  Seen in the photo is Bruce Anderson, former Marinwood CSD Director and moderator for Lucas Valley/Marinwood NextDoor. Photo courtesy

I was cancelled from Lucas Valley/Marinwood NextDoor  today for the following post:

Some people think that racism is widespread in our community. From BLM protest that made national news;

"For Bruce Anderson, who said he knew the man in the videos but declined to identify him, it wasn’t a surprise to see footage of what he called bigotry and anger in Marinwood.

Anderson, who is African American and a former board member for the Marinwood Community Services District, was among the supporters of a years-long initiative to change the local Dixie School District’s name, which, activists said, is linked to slavery and the Confederacy. The school board voted last year to change the name to the Miller Creek School District, but Anderson said the months of bitter debate leading up to that decision highlighted, for him, “the underlying sentiments out here that tended to lean toward racism.”

“There was a lot of anger from people who were able to kind of disguise their racism as protecting the Dixie name,” Anderson said."

      I agreed with the Dixie name change. It was named "Dixie"  during the bloodiest year of the Civil War. It was completely appropriate to change the name that reflects our common values.                                                                  


   I disagree that there is a lot of overt racism in our community.  I feel the racism exists in cultural insensitivity and laws meant to favor some over others.  It is important to identify and discuss it as a community.  So many have a good heart in this community and want fairness for all people. Let's make positive change.


The original post was about the policy to ban renting Marinwood Community Center community rooms to "outsiders" after several board members complained about "loud Mexican Music" and public safety incidents.  Most of our rentals were to the Latino community for birthdays, weddings and quinceaneras.  Similar celebrations like the "Art and Wine Festival" were left untouched.  This is clearly a racist policy since it affects only one community.  Many agree. Some people want to turn their back on institutional racism and censor those who dare speak about it.

write to reinstate fair and respectful discussions WITHOUT CENSORSHIP.

Bruce Anderson Speaks to change the "Racist" Dixie School District name


 Bruce Anderson, former Marinwood CSD politician speaks out to change the name of the "Racist" Dixie School District in 2018, 2019. He currently is the lead moderator on Lucas Valley/ Marinwood Nextdoor and removed this discussion below for "Misinformation and Dangerous Activity". 


Marinwood CSD practicing racist policies behind closed doors?
It seems incredible but the Marinwood CSD stopped rentals to "outside groups" quietly in 2019 after an armed sex crime at a birthday celebration. . Fortunately, no one was hurt but the CSD covered up the incident until the Marin IJ reported the story of the trial sentencing on August 25, 2019. The board quietly stopped renting our meeting hall for a "safety evaluation". Marinwood Community Center had been a popular rental location for weddings, birthday celebration and quinceaneras for the Hispanic community. Coincidentally, I attended a meeting of the Parks and Recreation commission where several members spoke openly to prevent rentals because of the "loud Mexican music and drinking" . I was shocked that only ONE community was being singled out for "bad behavior" in our park. The crime provided the excuse for stopping rentals to "outsiders". Covid lockdown happened a few months later but there is no word if the CSD plans to continue to ban now that things are returning to normal. Marinwood CSD is not a private club. It is a public agency with a duty to serve the public without prejudice. While the term "racism" gets used too much these days, there is undeniable racism when identical activities are treated differently in our rental policy. Few people complain about the "Art and Wine festival". Why should other celebrations be treated differently? This is why we need OPEN MEETINGS of Marinwood CSD AND COMMISSION MEETINGS. Directors need to be available to the public. All public meetings should be announced on a large sign board and must be accessible in person and on line and recorded. An "Annual Business Meeting" should be held every March to update the people. No secrecy. It is wrong to discriminate and hide behind closed doors. We have a new CSD Board that is more open and has new ideas. While a few people promoting the ban are still with us, I am confident that the new majority will DO THE RIGHT thing if they hear from you. PLEASE EMAIL to urge support Fair Access to Marinwood CSD park rentals. Marinwood CSD Board Members care of

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Why shouldn't Marinwood record public meetings?

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager explains that he doesn't record public meetings.  Since arriving at Marinwood CSD, he has ELIMINATED detailed reports. Political appointees are encouraged not to make their contact information public.   Dreikosen is responsible for nearly $5,000,000 in spending and does not want public accountability.  It is truly incredible that we allow this.  Chances are that you do not know much about who is serving the public or where are tax dollars are being spent.  We are building the MOST EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE SHED in Marin County history and several of the prime consultants are former Marinwood CSD politicians.  Meanwhile basic maintenance and safety concerns are not addressed. 

I hasten to add that everyone on the today's boards seem to have their heart in the right place.  They just seem to think of their authority is beyond reproach.  Democracy requires public accountability.

This is why we fundamentally IMPROVE public interaction by publicizing meetings and encourage public dialog on matters of our future. 

Every jurisdiction in Marin County records public meetings. Managers write reports prior to important government actions.  Why should Marinwood CSD lack basic, commonsense accountability?  As the Washington Posts says "democracy dies in darkness."

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Do you need a water fountain in Marinwood Park?

On April 26, 2022 Marinwood CSD Parks and Rec Commission, Luke Fretwell, Marinwood Parks Manager tells the board that he is "investigating" why the water fountain in Marinwood Park isn't working but is waiting instruction if he should remove or repair it.  ( HINT: It was shut off during COVID and it is behind on routine maintenance).  Jon Campo, appointed Parks Commissioner is of the opinion that it is located in a strange location that receives little use.  Like hundreds of people that use this area regularly, I am dismayed that the board is hostile to upkept of our park.  They are only talking about REMOVAL of park assets, like grills, water fountains and picnic tables instead of MAINTAINING and BEAUTIFYING our park..

Please join us to SAVE MARINWOOD PARK from destruction and neglect.  We pay MILLIONS to the Marinwood CSD  each year to maintain our park.  Shouldn't we at least have a picnic area with a water fountain? Talk with your neighbors.  Show that you care about your community.


Ask them to keep Marinwood Park Safe, Beautiful and Accessible for ALL.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Marinwood CSD manager justifies removal of handicap accessible fountain 4/12/2022

Keep Marinwood Park accessible for all.  For some reason, Eric Dreikosen has the notion that the only drinking fountain at the Fireman's Picnic Area must be removed.  He justifies it by claiming that another fountain "is only 100 yards away" .  In fact it is 500 yards away. This is a long distance on a wheelchair or walker.  
Marinwood Park should improve facilities accessible for everyone.  They have refused to improve the
accessibility at the Western Quietwood Path entrance despite a generous donation that would pay for the entire improvement.
We should be improving our parks, not destroying them.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Save Marinwood Park's most lovely picnic area from destruction.

 Save Marinwood Park's most lovely picnic area from destruction. 

Crews have already begun removing grills and tables from the Fireman's Picnic Area

Tonight while I was walking my dogs I notice that crews are in the process of removing grills and picnic tables from Fireman's Picnic Area WITHOUT PUBLIC APPROVAL.

It is quite a shame.  As many local residents know, this group picnic area is one of the most lovely spots in the North Bay.  It is under a tall canopy of trees that keeps it pleasant year round. Miller Creek cools the air and many birds sing in the trees.  It is the perfect place for an informal gathering or just to sit and enjoy nature.

This grill had been allowed to completely rust through.

Over the years, maintenance has been neglected and one grill had completely rusted through.  Instead of maintaining and replacing the grills, the CSD has decided to decommission the area.  They claim they need no input from the public. Neighbors disagree.

For years, hundreds of residents have used this areas for birthdays, block parties, weddings, and memorials.  It is a cheerful place. 

I ask you to be a Friend of Marinwood Park and save this lovely area from destruction.  I ask you to write an email right now to tell them stop the removals. General Manager   Rec and Parks Manager

and  (Friends of Marinwood/Lucas Valley)

A petition to save the Fireman's picnic area will be coming shortly.  For now, please send your email to let the Marinwood CSD that you care about our park and our community quality of life.


Fireman's Picnic Area aka Quietwood Grove can be reached by walking down this path
at 401 Quietwood Drive in Marinwood.

Marinwood CSD meeting 4/12/22