Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Eric Dreikosen advises to Arrest the Public to maintain Civility at CSD Meetings

Unbelievably, Eric Driekosen is recommending armed police presence at public meetings to remove people while ignoring real crimes that have occured in the community center.  After five months of "study" after a April 2019 armed sex attack, Dreikosen has failed to produce a single improvement for the safety of the community.  Who needs this?  Dreikosen is more concerned about "civility" than than an attempted armed rape in the Community Center.

An attempted armed rape of a juvenile in Marinwood Park and STILL NO SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS

Once again, tonight the Marinwood CSD board shows its callousness and incompetence by failing to improve security in Marinwood Park during events and at the recreation center.  All discussion is off the table and quashed by Isabela Perry, CSD Board Member and the rest of the Board during tonight's meeting of the CSD board on December 10, 2019, a full EIGHT MONTHS after a juvenile escaped a perpetrator wielding a stolen handgun..  All board members have children, yet they fail to take even elementary steps to make the Marinwood Center safer.

How utterly, self serving and selfish of the board to ignore the safety of the community.  Jeff Naylor, Isabella Perry, Leah Green, Sivan Oyserman, and Bill Shea are cowards.

The safety lock on bathroom at the pool house does not work and is open 24hours a day.  It was on a timed lock but it has not been working for years.  Here is a photo I took at 9:30 PM after the park had closed at 5 pm

We asked for this small fix to be done but Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager did nothing except hide the issue.   

We asked for an inexpensive video surveillance system to be installed to assist police in case of future incidents but the CSD will not even consider it.
Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager hid the April 2019 incident from the public until September 2019 and has done NOTHING to improve security since that time.  

Photo of the Marinwood Pool House Bathroom door that has been broken for years despite safety concerns of the public. It is open 24 hours a day and is in a remote location making it an attractant for crime.  Marinwood CSD has the money to fix it but will not.  In April 2019, a juvenile was victim of an attempted rape while attending a party at the facility.  The perpetrator pointed a stolen handgun at her and demanded sex.  Fortunately, the girl escaped unharmed but the trauma of the incident will live with her for a long time.

Shouldn't the district improve safety around the Marinwood Community Center.

Marinwood CSD covers up Sex crime in Marinwood Community Center

Marinwood sex crime suspect sentenced for gun charge

By GARY KLIEN | gklien@marinij.com | Marin Independent Journal

PUBLISHED: August 25, 2019 at 11:43 am | UPDATED: August 25, 2019 at 12:25 pm

A man accused of threatening a teenage girl with a gun during a sexual attack in Marinwood was sentenced to 120 days in jail.

Jordan Adelso Escobar Perez, 19, of San Rafael was arrested in April during a party at the Marinwood Community Center. He and the 16-year-old victim were both guests at the party.

The victim told investigators that a party guest forced himself on her and pointed a gun at her head, according to a case summary filed by the probation department. Eventually she was able to escape by locking herself in a bathroom and calling her mother.

The victim, who only knew the suspect through social media, was able to provide sheriff’s deputies with his first name. Deputies found the suspect at the party and identified him as Escobar. He initially struggled with deputies and had a Glock handgun in his jacket.

Escobar admitted he brandished the unloaded gun but described the girl as the sexual aggressor, according to the probation report. He also said he was intoxicated at the party.

The Marin County District Attorney’s Office charged Escobar with counts that included carrying a stolen firearm, resisting arrest, sexual battery and false imprisonment. Escobar accepted a plea offer and admitted to the felony gun charge and the misdemeanor resisting charge, and the other counts were dismissed.

The plea bargain called for the 120-day jail sentence and five years of probation. Judge Geoffrey Howard sentenced Escobar on Thursday.

“Mr. Escobar is gainfully employed and is taking the case seriously,” said his public defender, Tamara York. “He looks forward to making the best of his probation and using the resources to continue to better his life.”

Editor's Note:

Why are we just learning of this today? Did the Marinwood CSD inform their residents of this serious crime?

According to court records the case was filed on April 10, 2019. The crime likely occured around April 6th. Why did the Marinwood CSD hide this from the public?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Marinwood CSD 2/11/2020 "Everything is fine"

Another meeting of denial, refusal to provide FINANCIAL details of Marinwood Maintenance Facility, and a rosy "audit" provided yearly by outside consultants. The auditor makes and outrageous claim that all is fine when spending has exploded to the highest levels ever and much cash business activity remains unreported. The CSD is involved in legal action with 90 year old couple instead of a settlement. Outrageous abuse of power, hidden liabilities, mismanagement and illegal activities are kept from public view.

Marinwood CSD REJECTS a public gift.

The Marinwood CSD Board and Marin General Manager REJECT a $1500 donation from long time resident Linda Barnello due to their petty war on the public. Linda Barnello has been exceedingly generous to the Marinwood Fire Department over the years. In 2016 she offer to PAY FOR THE MARINWOOD FIRE Department kitchen rehab and the Marinwood CSD REJECTED the gift. Instead a "friend" of several CSD board members and staff was hired for $60,000 to replace some cabinets. The corrupt Marinwood CSD board is shameless but gets away with it because the Marin IJ and the District Attorney refuse to look into corruption. The ENTIRE Marinwood CSD board should be removed from office.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Dreikosen explains build process for the White Elephant

Marinwood General Manager, Eric Dreikosen explains the build process for the largest most expensive maintenance garage ever conceived in Marinwood Park. The project, aka "White Elephant" or "Hansell's Folly" features custom features usually found in custom home including a private shower for our three workers. It represents an outrageous use of our park space that seems to have little other purpose than to buoy the career of an ex CSD politician, Bill Hansell. At the administrative hearing, Hansell and Dreikosen admitted that they will be utilizing the horseshoe pit for "hammerhead" turnarounds. A different proposal roughly 1/2 the size with a traditional side access garage like the one in McInnis park would have cost a small fraction of the bloated proposal that Marinwood CSD is now pushing. They REFUSE to discuss its cost publicly. This is a huge RED FLAG for a financial disaster. Already, we believe that Bill Hansell will bill the district $60k before a single shovel hits the dirt and much more during the project. Initial estimate for his services for the ENTIRE PROJECT was $13.5k. Obviously, Bill Hansell has a sweethart deal that will cost the district dearly. It can be stopped and we can build a "right size" building instead.

Dreikosen Cock sure about The Marinwood "White Elephant" a.k.a. "Hansell's Folly"

The Marinwood CSD is boasting their success while hiding the true cost, the sleazy deals, the environmental harm of
the "White Elephant" aka. "Hansell's Folly".  They REFUSE to disclose the projected cost.

Marinwood CSD manager., Eric Dreikosen boasts about his "victory" winning the approval of "Hansell's Folly" in Marinwood Park. It will be the most expensive building project in Marinwood's History and have custom features found only in high end homes. It is a ridiculous theft of public resources and parkland we love so dearly. An alternative design similar to the McInnis Park facility was rejected shortly after ex Marinwood CSD politician, Bill Hansell was hired secretly. So far, his billing for his drawings have exceeded initial estimates of a pre-engineered building.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What is a "Hammerhead Turn"? How the truck will back up on the horseshoe pit.

Here is an illustration of a "hammerhead turn" that the CSD claims will be done everyday in Marinwood Park. Many of us know this as a "three point" turn.  The trucks will back out of the Maintenance Facility and on to the horse shoe pit to turn around.

This of course will wreck the horseshoe pit that the Marinwood CSD claimed would not be harmed in any way and makes a mockery of the Site Plan submitted by the Marinwood CSD that shows a pedestrian path.

In addition Bill Hansell falsely represented this area as a "gravel surface" when in fact it is a soft sandy area to the planning commission and the county .

The Marinwood CSD has paid Bill Hansell an estimated $50k in architects fees before a single thing has been done to the site.  Hansell has a highly unusual fee contract that lacks performance standards and objectives.  It is a sweet deal for the architect but we taxpayers are stuck with the bill

Had we chosen a pre engineered building as specified in the initial plan, the CSD could install a an entire building for the cost of the architects fees so far.

The Marinwood CSD approved this awful fee arrangement and WILL NOT DISCUSS THE BUDGET FOR THE PROJECT.  We believe they fear public outrage if the cost is truly known.

Horseshoe pit will become a Truck Turnaround. CSD lies to public and planning commission

After years of telling the community that the beloved horseshoe pit built in 2016 by community volunteers won't be impacted. Architect Bill Hansell tells the Marin Planning Commission that the area be used for a truck turnaround AND is covered in gravel. This is false as anyone familiar with the area knows. It is a soft, sandy area that was built over turf. Hansell further deceives the board by omitting the need for a trailer turn around in the same area. Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD general manager stands silently while the deceptive comments are delivered. The public did not have a chance to rebut this false and misleading statement.
The Marin County Planning commission needs to look at ALL the facts and not allow decisions to rely on falsities. The Planning commission ignored THREE MAJOR VIOLATIONS of the Marin County General Plan. The project is DOUBLE the size necessary for efficient operations and will force the destruction of valuable park space.