Friday, November 13, 2020

Conspiracy to steal the presidential election?

 Joe Oltmann (now banned on Twitter) exposes pro-Antifa, cop hatred-inciting rants of #EricCoomer, VP of strategy/security of Dominion Voting Systems. "What if I told you he is a major shareholder" in Dominion & "owns patents associated with other voting systems?"

Editor: This is the most amazing tale, that if correct, is a conspiracy of historic proportions. 2020 is proving to be an amazing year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Marinwood CSD meeting November 10, 2020

Marinwood CSD meeting packet 11/10/20

Marinwood Pool Damage Discussion Nov 10, 2020

Erosion damage to the pump house threatens the beloved Marinwood CSD pool. The Marinwood CSD board ignored public demands to fix the pool during the pandemic. Instead, they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building a maintenance shed in the park designed by former CSD Board Member Bill Hansel and built with firms associated with former CSD board members. The Marinwood CSD refuses to reveal the cost of the project to the public under the flippant response, "we don't know, we have not spent the money yet" This is screwy deal is happening before our eyes and needs a thorough, forensic investigation to determine wrong doing. At the very least, we believe illegal contracting and fair political practices are occurring. The current Marinwood CSD manager Eric Dreikosen was hired by a committee upon the recommendation of then board member Bill Hansel. We believe the board should be investing in our pool rather than an extravagant project to house landscaping tools. I expect they will request a new bond to pay for pool repairs.