Thursday, August 13, 2020

Marinwood CSD considers a statement supporting Black Lives Matter


I will address your letter at the meeting but first, I think you should have an opportunity to amend your comments.   The letter is clearly outside the scope of Marinwood CSD business but even though your thoughts are well intentioned, it will only serve to open a wound and bring further negative attention to our community.

I support your goal of racial harmony and in fact I have pointed out disparity where it exists in our community and elsewhere.  I am involved with the "No on Prop 16" campaign. I was an early supporter for the name change of the Dixie school district although I strongly disagreed with the divisive tactics used by the name changers.  We are not a racist community but try to tell that to the mob.

I think your letter will have the OPPOSITE effect of what you want.  It will only serve to spotlight our community and create discomfort for many neighbors.  Black lives matter is a sentiment that virtually everyone in our community agrees with.  "Black lives matter" the political movement is far different.  It uses violence, intimidation and divisive rhetoric that breaks communities apart.  

We were close to violence when the BLM protesters went to the house of the Marinwood Man. 

In Novato on July 11th, BLM marchers harassed elderly women having lunch. 

Do you want to encourage more of these incidents?

If you must write the letter, I ask that you consider ways to soften your message to emphasize compassion but strip away the BLM rhetoric and do it as an individual and not on behalf of the Marinwood CSD board.  We know from violent BLM encounters nationwide, that kneeling  and rhetoric doesn't work.  It only encourages conflict.   Leadership and action works.  Let's find real ways to involve more cultures and people in our recreation programs instead. People having fun together cures conflict.



We question the wisdom of the Marinwood CSD enlarging its mission to serve other communities instead of Marinwood residents.  After all, it is only Marinwood CSD residents who pay the taxes, salaries and pensions of our employees.  Why should we subsidize communities outside our jurisdiction?  I believe that we should focus on Marinwood CSD residents first and do outreach with our regional business only if it makes business sense to do so.

Marinwood CSD meeting August 11, 2020