Friday, July 17, 2020

BLM protesters harass elderly women in Novato

Black Lifes Matter marched on Old Town Novato on July 11, 2020.   It started out relatively peaceful with pleas for support against racism.

Language became more virulent and strident as it progressed. This speaker below urges the crowd to "Take what belongs to us"

The protesters were from all over the Bay Area and some appeared to be professional organizers. A Novato high school student organized the initial protest in concert with the Novato Police but then the BLM organizers took over and refused to cooperate with the police.

The protesters violated an agreement not to block traffic and tied up traffic on the 101 overpass.

The protesters claimed it was a "peaceful protest" but the anger was evident in their words and actions.  Fortunately it did not end like other protests in the Bay Area that were accompanied by looting, vandalism, graffiti and violence.

Tensions overflowed in downtown Old Novato outside a restaurant.  Two elderly woman and a couple were surrounded by angry demonstrators and shouted down before police intervened.  

Later BLM marchers justified their actions by suggesting that the women had provoked them by giving them a "thumbs down" sign.  Others suggested that "old people are racists too" and should be held to account.     Many citizens have been appalled at this behavior and asked for stronger police protection in the future. 

It is obvious that the BLM protests could boil over at any minute.   

The Marin IJ blamed the anger on the tweets of an angry resident and totally missed the confrontation in downtown Novato.  They made it sound like a pep rally but the video tells a different story.

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