Friday, February 11, 2022

Housing Element Workshop January 20, 2022

This is the county version of the January 20th Workshop. Notice that they do not publish the "Break Out Sessions" where community members expressed their concerns with the plans.  Marin County does not seem to want to tell us the complete picture.  Their citizen feedback tool "The Balancing Act" omits 75% of the projected housing for Marinwood/Lucas Valley.  The real numbers were produced a week AFTER this public presentation.

No meaningful public feedback has been allowed on this presentation. Let's hope they do a better job with the February 10th meeting for Marinwood/Lucas Valley.  We will see.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Comments on the Marin Housing Element for Marinwood/Lucas Valley


Marinwood/Lucas Valley has approximately 6000 residents in 2700 homes.

Marin County Community Development Department is considering adding 2248 low income apartments throughout the community of single family homes effectively DOUBLING the population of our community.

Affordable housing typically is owned by non profit corporations who pay little or no taxes for basic community services, infrastructure upgrades and police/fire.

In addition, some of the identified sites are designated as homeless shelters.

We may need to build three additional schools, increase our water and sewage capacity  without the additional tax base or land.  The burden of doubling our community size will rest with existing taxpayers.

80% of all low income housing units for unincorporated Marin will be located within our 5 square mile neighborhood.

Due to new housing laws for 2022, if these homes are not built by developers during the following eight years, Marin County will be sued by the State of California and developers will be given "by right" permission to build their projects without county oversight..

The plan is wildly impractical.  It ignores legitimate concerns over water, congestion, city services and penalizes our community for the actions of developers outside of our control. 

The law is absurd and must be fought so a realistic plan for growth can occur.  We actually do have property on St. Vincents/Silveira Ranch which is ideally suited for development.  An environmentally sensitive project could be located there with a combination of low income and market rate homes that can generate tax revenues and space for schools.

We need a plan of smart, environmentally responsible development not a hodge podge of high density apartments which will cause problems with infrastructure, traffic and government services.

Join us for our initiative to Save Marinwood.  

Stephen Nestel


Key points

1.) Marin County Community Development plan is wildly unrealistic
2.) Marin County RHNA plan concentrates housing on one tiny community.
It will burden 5 square miles in Marinwood/Lucas Valley with 80% of all low income apartments of unincorporated Marin.  This area represents less than 1% of unincorporated Marin County.
3.) Alternative, available site available at St Vincents' and Silviera Ranch which could be mixed income.
4.) We need to advocate for positive, practical community planning that will make our community stronger.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Clean Up Marinwood Plaza Committee at RWQCB 2/8/22

Clean Up Marinwood Plaza Now! Committee and Mary Sackett speak to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board on Feb 9. 2022 about the ongoing delays in the clean up of Prosperity Cleaners in Marinwood. They agree to put the issue before the board at the next meeting.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Citizens Discuss housing element on Zoom 2/10 at 5 PM.



Join Us for a Zoom Call on

Marin's Unrealistic Growth Mandates

525% INCREASE in required housing units
for the next building cycle (2023-2031)

“Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

What are the risks?

Building in flood and fire zones

Drives up land values

Decreases affordability

Who benefits from inflated quotas?

Get informed. Meet neighbors. Take action!

Thursday, February 10, 2022 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Register Here

Join colleagues who prefer critical thinking and common sense


Susan Kirsch, Host

Catalysts for Local Control
Sharon Rushton

Sharon Rushton

Sustainable TamAlmonte, President
frank egger 2

Frank Egger

Fairfax, 7-time mayor
damian morgan

Damian Morgan

Marin City CSD, Chairman
stephen nestel 2

Stephen Nestel

Marinwood/Lucas Valley
Reading Resources for More Information:
Marin County Releases List of Housing Element Sites, Sharon Rushton, The Marin Post
County Pitches Housing Sites, Rick Halstead, The Marin IJ
Housing Policy Needs Common Sense, Accuracy, Susan Kirsch, The Marin IJ
Double Counting in the Latest Needs Assessment, The Embarcadero Institute.
Marin's Estimated Housing Quotas Are Off The Chart!, Sharon Rushton, The Marin Post
This Block Used to be for First-Time Homebuyers. Washington Post

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Susan Kirsch
Catalysts, Director


POB 1703, Mill Valley, CA 94942

Join the Zoom Call on Thursday, February 10th to learn about Low Income housing In Marinwood/Lucas Valley


Join Marin County Community planning on Thursday. Feb 10th Zoom Call from 6-7pm to discuss DOUBLING the size of Marinwood/Lucas Valley with low income housing.

Here is the link to register:

To find out more about the plan from Marin County visit

The county presented the public with two sets of housing allocations.  On their website tool "Balancing Act" it shows that 531 units must be built in Marinwood Lucas Valley.  On the county website, it shows an astounding 2245+ units must be built.   This effectively DOUBLES our housing stock with low income housing.  Marin County

Learn more on Thursday night.

Marinwood CSD meeting 2/8/22 Agenda