Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"MisInformation" about the Prosperity Cleaners Toxic Waste site from the Marin IJ, Marin County and the RWQCB from January 27, 2015

The people of Marin are regularly subjected to heavily biased reporting like this one in the IJ on January 27, 2015..

Although the online version was toned down a bit,  this printed edition is well literally, a bold faced LIE.  The toxic waste was a problem then as it is now.

I wrote an angry letter to the Marin IJ asking them to correct the many errors but they ignored the truth and did not issue a retraction.  

This is very troubling for our community.  Currently, 300 residents are at risk for toxic contamination as proven in the state testing data of Prosperity Cleaner.  To give the public a false sense of safety is criminal neglect of journalistic ethics.  

If the writer independently verified the facts found at Geotracker  he would have found out that the waste had not been remediated since 2011 and all testing shows toxic levels as far out as 4/10 mile.  We have not even touched the edge of the plume yet.

But especially maddening was the comments by the Community Development Department's Tom Lai who is quoted:

"Tom Lai, assistant community development director, said, “This is the property owner’s consultant reporting to the regional water board. I am certainly not qualified to review the adequacy of the report.
“But just reading the conclusion,” Lai said, “I’m relieved they did not find significant off-site migration of the chemicals to warrant additional groundwater sampling.”
Lai added, however, “This report summarizes the results of the sampling on Silveira. It doesn’t speak to what is on the Marinwood Plaza property.”

This was provably false from the test results at the time of this article.  The writer took the political spin "lock, stock and barrel".
Furthermore, the writer makes no mention of the Toxic Soil Vapors that were found at the eastern edge of the property that indicates a possible problem within Casa Marinwood.
It is damned irresponsible!  People's lives are at stake. Pregnant women and small children are especially vulnerable.  Who ARE these people to treat the environment and public health with such callous disregard!?
The Marin IJ has been covering the issue more responsibly recently but we must trust the data not the political spin.
Pregnant women and children are especially vulnerable to toxins in the environment.

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