Thursday, May 27, 2021

Marinwood takes on $650,000 more Debt at the CSD special meeting 5/24/2021.

The lack of seriousness by the CSD Board in committing a large debt obligations for the most expensive Maintenance Shed in Marin County history is appalling.  The Marinwood CSD board president, Bill Shea seems giddy with delight that no members of the public were present for this meeting.  

 This is money NOT being spent on maintenance, pool restoration ,  mobility access, etc.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Marinwood Maintenance Fence will cost $377,000 and the CSD will make YOU pay for it!

 The Marinwood CSD has committed to building the MOST EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE SHED in Marin County history designed by a former CSD Politician. Among the extravagances is the $377k IPE fence to house landscaping equipment.  Why the huge cost? They say it is important to have a beautiful structure instead of hiding it behind a standard cedar fence.  IPE fencing costs TEN times the cost of a standard cedar fence.  

This ridiculously gold plating of our maintenance shed will come at a huge cost to the Marinwood CSD.  Our pool needs reconditioning,  maintenance needs have been ignored , basic items like park benches and accessible walkways have been ignored.  

Oh, but did I tell you this shed will have an apartment inside?.....

The CSD needs an immediate investigation of its business practices and political shenanigans.  


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Why Ipe or Cedar Are the Best Choices for Your Home Fence

fence_featuredWood fence installation projects are demanding. You need to know which wood species to get for starters let alone making sure the fence is properly installed. And then it’s all about keeping the new fence for years to come without worrying about its maintenance every now and then, or safety concerns. Although wooden fence installation is a different chapter, the project begins by choosing the right wood species. And there is a reason why ipe and cedar are two great choices.

The reasons for choosing an ipe fence

Let’s just say that ipe is hardwood and thus extremely durable. Anotheripe fence good reason for ipe fence installation is its natural resistance to elements. Thus, it hardly needs maintenance. It won’t decay or rot. It’s resilient and ages beautifully. No matter what the weather conditions, ipe will remain strong and actually last for many decades. This will compensate for its rather high price. And this is actually the only drawback when it comes to installing a wooden ipe fence.

Since ipe is a hardwood, it is also hard to work on. So, if you decide to get ipe, find a fence builder with expertise in this species.

Why cedar fences are also a great option

cedar fencesThere are several types of cedar woods. One of the most popular one is red cedar. With red cedar fence installation, you get an average priced product that will last for years. It’s beautiful and resistant to insect infestation, moisture, and rot. But it will need some maintenance.

Cedar is resistant to insects due to its natural oils. Since it’s resilient, it has a long lifespan. And this compensates for the maintenance requirements. Another great advantage of cedar wood is that it won’t shrink or warp. And that’s very important for the condition of the fence since you don’t want it to sag in a few years.

Although the part over ground won’t rot, the part placed underground might rot. And that’s the disadvantage of wooden cedar fences. But you can mix and match wood species to get the best combination for long-lasting results. For example, you can use pine for the fence posts. Pine stands well underground but is not ideal for the slats since it might crack and shrink.

Believe or not, cedar emits a nice odor too. It has a very pleasing natural scent and that counts as an extra advantage.

Ipe or cedar fences?

So, which one should you choose for your home wooden fence? It’s really difficult to say since both wood species are marvelous. Each has its own pros and cons, so it actually depends on how much you want to spend today.

  • Cedar fences are very popular because they last long and have a friendly cost too.
  • Ipe fences cost more. But nothing really compares with the elegance of this type of wood.

The best way to decide is to get in touch with your local fence contractor and get more information and perhaps suggestions for the fence in your home. After all, not all homes have the same style. But be sure that both cedar and ipe fences look great to all homes.

Editor's note: IPE = $17.00 per board foot.  Cedar= $1.70 per board foot.  Both are durable woods.