Saturday, March 9, 2013

VIDEO: "No money for Dixie Schools!!!"

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The people of Marinwood-Lucas Valley will not be exploited.

After logging all 5 hours 45 minutes of the February 11, 2013 Planning Commission meeting I found this brief clip with the shocking admission that the Dixie School and Marinwood-Lucas Valley will be severely impacted  AND they have taken a straw vote to APPROVE!

This is an outrageous injustice to Marinwood-Lucas Valley and our children in the Dixie School Distict.  (Which also includes Terra Linda and Mont Marin)

Some of the Planning Commisioner comments include:

"We should have the March 11th meeting anyhow because it would look bad if we cancel it"

[ Yes it will look bad but isn't their duty to listen and consider the public input? Why have they taken a straw vote before our voices are heard?]

" Have we heard from Dixie Schools on the impact?  We want to know if they can handle it? 

"That's not a finding we would make, some of the sites are speculative" [ Note: But they remain codified into the zoning for future development.  Once a developer has cash and a plan, they can build with "streamlined" reviews and staff approvals. The public will have limited power to review.]

"That's an alarming number of units 546 of 773 in a single school district.  I mean how does a school district plan for that?"

[ Indeed it is alot. It will swell our population by at least 25% and the remaining taxpayers will have to pay for the increased tax burden. It's madness and financial suicide.]

And the planner "There is a law SB50 that states once a developer pays an impact fee, the capacity of the school district to provide can no longer prevent the development" 

[Note:Bridge housing plans to pay only $200,000 that will barely cover a single portable classroom.  At least five will be needed.  A conservative estimate of 150 school children will cost the community at least $1,500,000 annually assuming second language or special education instruction is not needed.  Is so, the cost expands dramatically. For comparison, our entire Marinwood CSD budget is 4.2 million dollars. This is the first of five affordable housing complexes, much larger than this one]

Planner: "The fee can only go for the physical structure. No funds can be applied for teachers."

Commissionor: "We need better notification.  Many people weren't notified"

Planner: "We sent notification for Marin Housing Authority to residents in a 600 foot radius". [Note:That's five to six houses away] 

"On the affordable sites we sent them to the site itself "

[ They must be kidding. They don't even inform the next door neighbors!?]

We have a huge problem.  It appears that all the political insiders can't wait to approve housing in our neighborhood.  We MUST let them know by EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE that Marinwood-Lucas Valley will not be the counties "dumping ground" for affordable housing.

They want to put affordable housing in our neighborhoods..

So the rest of NIMBY Marin doesn't have to have housing in THEIR BACKYARD.

But you will be picking up the tab,

Save Marinwood-Lucas Valley. Our Community. Our future.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

VIDEO: Surveillance Cameras get Smart

More creepy surveillance cameras.  San Francisco has 71 of these cameras "to combat violent crime".  The whole idea that government needs this level "control" of civilians is straight from Orwells 1984.  Big Brother is watching. Just like any law abiding citizens,  we are happy when crooks get caught.  But the fact of the matter is, 99% of the population are not criminal and we are sacraficing our liberty and privacy for a moderate improvement in crime deterance. 

Now, it is possible to surveil our emails, our cellphones, traffic cams, license plate recognition, health records, web traffic, vehicle mileage tracking, etc. etc. etc. In congress, they are talking about DOMESTIC drones to fight crime. The executive branch wants to reserve the right to attack civilians on U.S. soil, drawing objections from from Congressman Ron Wyden (D) of Oregon and Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky.

What happens when the definition of "crime" changes?  How much control do we want over innocent civilian's lives?  Should all privacy be abolished for "public safety" ?  We are allowing the tools of tyranny into lifes. 

What to expect from upcoming "public meetings" on housing in Marinwood-Lucas Valley


If you haven't been to a public meeting recently,  you are in for a surprise.  The political and bureaucratic class has learned how to quell dissent and appear to manufacture "consensus" utilizing the "Delphi Technique" described in this short video.  Recent county meetings on Marin County Pensions and the Bay Area Plan are two examples where this technique was used. It is pretty amazing manipulation of the public and highly effective.  Check it out below.