Saturday, May 19, 2018

Judy Arnold has Plenty of Skeletons in her Closet.

Northern Novato has been blanketed with mailers detailing a 13-year-old shoplifting incident involving supervisorial candidate Judy Arnold.
Craig Miller of Novato, a supporter of candidate Pat Eklund, mailed 606 copies of his letter outlining the old case to neighbors in the Atherton and Black Point areas this week.
The letter describes a 1993 shoplifting citation against Arnold, which was dismissed later.
It also describes "several civil, criminal and eviction cases during the past two decades" in which Arnold was involved, referring to a 1992 civil suit against Arnold and her husband following a real estate deal.
Arnold dismissed the letter as an 11th-hour smear tactic by Eklund, whom she believes orchestrated the effort.
"This shows how desperate my opponent is," Arnold said. "She almost lost in June, and now she's so desperate that she's bringing up 13-year-old matters that were dismissed. This is old news.
"All of those problems are in the past."
Eklund denied any knowledge of Miller's actions.
"Councilwoman Arnold knew that when she entered public service, her life would become an open book," said Eklund who, like Arnold, is a member of the Novato City Council. "The voters deserve an explanation."
Eklund said she has known Miller since 1996 but added he is not affiliated with her campaign. Miller made two donations to her campaign totaling $750, Eklund said.
The shoplifting citation against Arnold surfaced during her first campaign for county supervisor in 1996, when she lost in the primary election for the seat ultimately won by Steve Kinsey, who still holds the post.
Arnold's citation involved shoplifting at Longs Drugs in Novato. The district attorney's complaint said she took merchandise "with the intent to steal said merchandise."
The Marin Municipal Court dismissed the charge after Arnold attended a "self-awareness" class and served six months' probation.
Arnold maintained her innocence of the charge in a 1996 Independent Journal interview, and said she had only agreed to participate in the class and probation in order to avoid an expensive jury trial.
Miller said his wife discovered a 1996 newspaper article that included the charges while doing online research. He said he decided to publicize the information after local newspapers endorsed Arnold.
"Quite frankly, I'd hoped the media would have done their homework, rather than an average citizen having to reveal this information," Miller said. "After I saw the editorials in the Marin Independent Journal and the Novato Advance endorsing Judy Arnold, it took me over the edge. I felt compelled to do something."
Arnold believes the information came from the Eklund campaign.
"Of course it came from Pat Eklund," Arnold said. "She's desperate. She's not getting the support she thought she would get. She's not getting the endorsements from newspapers, elected officials, or from Novato.
"She's going to do whatever she can, including muckraking up a 13-year-old story."
Arnold adds that she does not expect the incident to become a campaign issue. "The matter was dismissed, and I think people are aware of that," she added.
Political analyst Brian Sobel believes the incident could end up backfiring on the Eklund campaign, even if it is not the source of the letter. "The timing is suspicious," said Sobel, a Petaluma-based consultant. "If a person had information on these allegations, why wouldn't they choose to release them weeks ago, when all parties had time to respond to it? To do it this late in the campaign could turn off voters."
The pattern follows that of 1996, when the petty theft charge against Arnold was published three weeks before the election by the Point Reyes Light. At the time, Arnold accused the weekly paper of conducting "a smear campaign against me."
Sobel said candidates "tend to know what's going on," and added, "When someone comes out of the woodwork to lob charges like this, it's highly unlikely that they're acting alone."
But Miller maintains that he acted independently.
"I have nothing to do with the Pat Eklund campaign," he said. "But I'll vote for her."

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Ideas for Marinwood Park "Miwok Village Nature Playground Playhouses.

The area currently occupied by landscaping equipment, landscaping debris, materials and spare parts next to the Maintenance Shed in Marinwood Park can be better used as a natural play area for our children.  It will get our kids outdoors and provide a nice resting spot for adults.

A cluster of willow shelters as in the above examples, will present the imaginative child  hours of fun along the banks of Miller Creek in Marinwood Park while parents and caretakers can enjoy the peaceful setting.

This project will not cost the community much but will greatly enhance our quality of life and enjoyment of Marinwood Park.

Would you like to see this project happen?  Email and

Judy Arnold "No money for Flood Control (we are spending it elsewhere)"

Judy Arnold's "plans" for Marin's Senior Population vs Toni Shroyer Candidate for Marin Supervisor District 5

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

My husband was raised on a peach orchard and I grew up on a small farm. Like most kids in those days from both city and country life, we spent most of our free time outdoors. But me and my husband had what many kids didn't: Acreage! And lots of it!! We had amazing childhoods, being able to roam and explore and we were never bored. We would like for our children to have the same opportunity to romp about in nature, play in the mud and climb trees like we did.

Now that we're on the the hunt for a house we've decided that we will settle for nothing less than a massive back yard that spans, oh... maybe a few dozen acres? Ha! Where we live, that's totally obtainable but I'd prefer a home on a much smaller chunk of land. Something big enough for my kids to explore for hours but small enough that I can be heard if I call out from the porch that dinner is ready. Straight up country style - I know.

I've been browsing Pinterest looking for affordable outdoor decor, outdoor toys for the kids and gardening tips and I came across natural playgrounds. It was a total "slap your head say duh". Kind of moment. If there are trees on the land that need to be cleared, well by golly, we could put them to great use! Here are some amazing images I found on Pinterest that I'd like to share with you. Maybe you'll find something here you'd like to build for you kids (or yourself!). Not much space would be needed for many of these projects, just some wood, vines, imagination and a little know-how!

Visit more cool Nature Playsgrounds  HERE

David Kunhardt, "Solar Svengali" sold Marinwood CSD a twenty year contract for Solar. Where are the savings?

Lets get rid of the Rats!

Can you imagine a mom and pop landlord pleading before a judge, "But your honor, 98% of Marin has a rat problem. I bet you do too. We are good landlords your honor. We simply lack the money to keep up with the maintenance. We had to have the money for a $8.8 million dollar golf course, $30 million dollar roof, $30 million for computer software that doesn't work, million dollar pensions for our employees.... "

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How to fix New York's Subway System

Heat islands in Cities are oppressive. Another reason to love and protect suburban Marin

Russian Guitalele

Marinwood FD Considers Fire Chief service with San Rafael FD while San Rafael FD screws Marinwood taxpayers.

The Marinwood Community Services District is awaiting a proposal from the San Rafael Fire Department for a shared services agreement. Marinwood fire Chief Tom Roach is expected to retire after 15 years as chief.
“The shared services is for management and chief officers,” Roach said. “San Rafael would take over,” but it wouldn’t be a full merger, Roach said.
There are 10 firefighters in the department, which has a $2.8 million annual budget. See article in the Marin IJ HERE

Editor's Note: This is a very light proposal for services and still San Rafael has been dragging their heels for months. Marinwood taxpayers are getting ripped off from San Rafael. Under the current shared services agreement our Marinwood Firefighters spend 2/3 of their time responding to San Rafael emergency calls. San Rafael pays us nothing for that. The Marinwood paramedic tax Measure E instituted in 2011 was supposed to give us a paramedic from San Rafael Fire Department to be stationed in Marinwood.  Due to labor issues this has never happened and we have been paying the tax for SEVEN YEARS!   Everyone agrees that something must be done but the Marinwood CSD will not address the issue on behalf of its taxpayers. In private business this is a fraudulent contract and could put people behind bars. Why does this continue?
Marinwood CSD simply is not up to the task of labor negotiations on behalf of its residents. We should outsource our emergency services like we do with our police protection. Santa Venetia pays San Rafael $1.7 million dollars for fire protection that Marinwood pays $2.8 million dollars for. We could save major $$$ by contracting with San Rafael. But San Rafael has a great deal going now. Why should they want to merge when the Marinwood CSD taxpayers have been so generous (stupid)?
Marinwood CSD would be better off and the firefighters would have better equipment and career opportunities if we merged with a larger agency. It is a win-win-win.