Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Marinwood FD Considers Fire Chief service with San Rafael FD while San Rafael FD screws Marinwood taxpayers.

The Marinwood Community Services District is awaiting a proposal from the San Rafael Fire Department for a shared services agreement. Marinwood fire Chief Tom Roach is expected to retire after 15 years as chief.
“The shared services is for management and chief officers,” Roach said. “San Rafael would take over,” but it wouldn’t be a full merger, Roach said.
There are 10 firefighters in the department, which has a $2.8 million annual budget. See article in the Marin IJ HERE

Editor's Note: This is a very light proposal for services and still San Rafael has been dragging their heels for months. Marinwood taxpayers are getting ripped off from San Rafael. Under the current shared services agreement our Marinwood Firefighters spend 2/3 of their time responding to San Rafael emergency calls. San Rafael pays us nothing for that. The Marinwood paramedic tax Measure E instituted in 2011 was supposed to give us a paramedic from San Rafael Fire Department to be stationed in Marinwood.  Due to labor issues this has never happened and we have been paying the tax for SEVEN YEARS!   Everyone agrees that something must be done but the Marinwood CSD will not address the issue on behalf of its taxpayers. In private business this is a fraudulent contract and could put people behind bars. Why does this continue?
Marinwood CSD simply is not up to the task of labor negotiations on behalf of its residents. We should outsource our emergency services like we do with our police protection. Santa Venetia pays San Rafael $1.7 million dollars for fire protection that Marinwood pays $2.8 million dollars for. We could save major $$$ by contracting with San Rafael. But San Rafael has a great deal going now. Why should they want to merge when the Marinwood CSD taxpayers have been so generous (stupid)?
Marinwood CSD would be better off and the firefighters would have better equipment and career opportunities if we merged with a larger agency. It is a win-win-win.

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