Thursday, May 17, 2018

Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

My husband was raised on a peach orchard and I grew up on a small farm. Like most kids in those days from both city and country life, we spent most of our free time outdoors. But me and my husband had what many kids didn't: Acreage! And lots of it!! We had amazing childhoods, being able to roam and explore and we were never bored. We would like for our children to have the same opportunity to romp about in nature, play in the mud and climb trees like we did.

Now that we're on the the hunt for a house we've decided that we will settle for nothing less than a massive back yard that spans, oh... maybe a few dozen acres? Ha! Where we live, that's totally obtainable but I'd prefer a home on a much smaller chunk of land. Something big enough for my kids to explore for hours but small enough that I can be heard if I call out from the porch that dinner is ready. Straight up country style - I know.

I've been browsing Pinterest looking for affordable outdoor decor, outdoor toys for the kids and gardening tips and I came across natural playgrounds. It was a total "slap your head say duh". Kind of moment. If there are trees on the land that need to be cleared, well by golly, we could put them to great use! Here are some amazing images I found on Pinterest that I'd like to share with you. Maybe you'll find something here you'd like to build for you kids (or yourself!). Not much space would be needed for many of these projects, just some wood, vines, imagination and a little know-how!

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