Tamalpais Valley residents are being asked to sign an online petition opposing high-density residential development "targeted" for the unincorporated community between Mill Valley and Sausalito.
Written by resident Mark Marinozzi and circulated through change.org, the petition claims that because the 7,000 population area is unincorporated, high-density residential housing "may receive faster approval than in a city."
It says there is "a distinct sense" that the county board of supervisors and planning commission are not listening to residents' desire to "preserve the community and environment of Tam Valley from ill-conceived and selfish development."

full article:Tam Valley opposes high density housing

Mark  made some great comments online.  He could be talking about Marinwood just as easily:

We also have a petition for you to sign.  It's link is at the top of the page.  We are simply asking for slowing down the approval of the housing element until the community has a chance to discuss the impact on the community.