Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What is the New "Common Core" and Why it is a Bad Idea.

Editor's Note: If you feel that the Federal Government is expanding in every area of your life, you are not alone. This year our Dixie School District students will be taught from a national standard called the "Common Core". Here is a discussion of what the common core is and why it is a bad idea. Let us know what you think.   See the Marin IJ story HERE

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  1. Surprising but not unexpected.
    Look around, the country has completely been taken over by Obama. It is official, he is a dictator, not just any dictator, he is our dictator.
    The only way to stop this is to join the Tea Party. They saw this all coming 5 years ago and boy were they right.
    Democratic Party today seems to be aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. No one can argue that after the associations, decisions, etc of Obama.

    I'd suggest quite trying to fight the battles that the Obama administration has been and continues to create (Cloward Piven - Overwhelm the system), and start fighting the war to put America back to a Democracy. And don't wait, as we have lost much of the country already.

    Prediction: Obama will not leave office at the end of his 8 years. That is where this is all leading to.

  2. While I understand the frustration of the massive government over reach in so many aspects of our lives, I remain an optimist. I feel that soon the people will rebel the intrusion and we shall be on a more sensible path.

  3. I think the speaker has used Texas as an example of a state opposing "Common Core". I can understand why. This is the same state that pushed to have science books rewritten to have creationism as part of science studies in the classroom. If we allow these well intentioned ignorant school administrators to control not only our text books but the curriculum then we will be ranked below all 3rd world countries. Keep religion and science separate areas of study.

    It time to try something else. The education system is failing our children and the country.

  4. Your comment shows a shocking degree of intolerance. Do you think an entire state should be maligned because you heard some person from Texas make an ignorant comment? There are much bigger issues at stake with the quality of the curriculum and academic rigor. The shocking amount of data collection alone on children should make people say "no to the Common Core". Why do we need 400 data points on every child from kindergarten through the 12th grade?. This is truly Orwellian.

  5. Obama said back in 2008 that he wanted a "civilian national security force that is just as strong, just as powerful, just as well funded"

    By tracking your children he will use this data to recruit the right 18yo's into this Civilian National Security force. The data points will show who is on his side, who comes from broken homes, who can be manipulated, etc. Hitler did a similiar thing with the Brown Shirts. Basically this force will police the people as the people begin to uprise against government and his administration.

    This force will be 1 million soldiers that report directly to the President. There is more info on it and the topic has been coming up again. He may not need this force as badly as before because he has purged some 500+ Generals and Admirals from the Military and replaced them with his own. Obama's biggest threat is the Military because they can take him out of power. Getting rid of all the Generals/Admirals was very successful and key to maintaining power should he not leave. This is what dictators do to remain in power. If he were to somehow lose power with the Military, then he could fall back on the civilian army to battle it out with the military. At the end of the day, none of this stuff is good and is quite simply scary to see it happen in this country. But, if you are going to do it, these are the correct things to do to take over a country. Obama is a smart man, he has been able to pull off everything right under citizens noses without any revolt, so far. Obama is not the worst president at all. Most dangerous, yes. Clearly Obama and his crew were waiting for this day as everything has been way too well planned that it must have been written down into a playbook over the last 20 years.

  6. Common Core is top down central planning and the nationalization of education. Our schools are failing because there is no accountability. The Teachers Unions rule and the kids suffer. Children are not being taught the basics of reading, writing, and arthimetic. They are being taught what to think and whatever the latest fad is. If you think kids are dumbed down now, wait until Common Core gets through with them. They will be blithering idiots. It is time to put education back in the hands of the local school board and parents. It is time to stop with the indoctrination about global warming, community organizing, sexual orientation issues, bullying, and just teach kids how to read, write, and do basic math (without a calculator).

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