Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Marinwood CSD is Missing in Action while Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager has disappeared since the Coronavirus shut down March 13, 2019. Below is the latest of several letters to the Marinwood CSD that have gone unanswered.  The staff is on full salary and benefits but has yet to ensure that Marinwood CSD Community Facilities will be cleaned or maintained.  It is clear that Dreikosen is unprepared to cope with the crisis.

Letter the Marinwood CSD Staff/Board March 25, 2020:

Will you please answer these questions?

1.) Have you increased the disinfection of public restrooms, fountains and public use areas in Marinwood CSD district?  Please advise immediately.

2.) Are you planning for the worst case scenario for the economy and loss of Marinwood CSD revenue?   As you know Governor Newsom is predicting 12 week shut down and schools may not resume this year at all. Even if it does, parents may drastically alter their plans for the children to attend summer camp.  You need to prepare for this now.

3.) Have you planned how to conduct public business?  I can offer technical assistance in video streaming meetings during this period.  Just let me know.  I believe the Brown Act still is in effect but may not have the requirement of physical presence.  A meeting in Zoom may be allowed.     

4.)  Have you suspended capital projects until the financial situation stabilizes?  Obviously the Maintenance Facility project will be a major investment and could easily topple Marinwood CSD finances in this unstable period. It is irresponsible not to discuss this major investment with the community.   You are a public agency.  Please be public.

5.) Have you created a "volunteer matching" program like Fairfax? It may save lives.  Surely one of our paid staff can coordinate this.  Are they busy with other tasks?

As one of the few members of the public that regular attends Marinwood CSD meetings,  we are frequently told,  "please ask the staff" or "we will address this outside the meeting".   It is rare that we actually hear from you.   I assume no one has resigned their post or been dismissed from their job duties.   I expect that Marinwood CSD business is moving forward.  Please engage the public. It is your duty.

 Your leadership is more important than ever.  The very future of the district depends on it.

P.S. Hopefully, the malaria pills will treat the virus soon but the ensuing financial effects may have major consequences for years to come.

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