Sunday, April 27, 2014

Katie Rice, Marin County Supervisor on the Urbanization of Marin on April 26, 2014

Katie Rice, Marin County Supervisor speaks to a huge audience of 400 plus in Kentfield, CA on April 26, 2014. The crowd is polite but impatient with the plans for the urbanization of Marin proposed by the Board of Supervisors, Plan Bay Area and by State mandates. Despite the claims, that "local control" is intact, massive building plans have already been established by the 2012 Housing Element and Plan Bay Area

"WinCup"  development aka Tamal Vista or "CorteMazilla" in CorteMadera is the model for high density growth for the
Highway 101 Priority Development Area for Urbanization of Marin.
While Katie Rice and other supervisors say they want to "preserve Marin", they only mean West Marin and certain neighborhoods.  If you live elsewhere, Supervisors are prepared to change zoning from single family residential to multifamily and commercial. This is how they achieve "Smart Growth" urbanization. 

If you live with one half mile of Highway 101, you reside within the Priority Development Area for Urbanization.  Katie Rice, serves on ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) . Although, like other Marin politicians, she has distanced herself from ABAG and Plan Bay Area,  she voted for it's approval in August, 2013. 

After decades of leadership and activism to preserve open spaces, and livable, human scale neighborhoods, Marin citizens are not going to allow this crazy scheme for urban growth. We will Save Marin (again!)
Distribution of affordable housing in the 2012 Housing Element
Over 50% of all growth will occur within the Priority Development Area. While most of the attention is on affordable housing, market rate housing like the WinCup project is the majority of the growth that will occur by changing single family neighborhoods to apartments and condominiums. Marin is following the prescription of "Smart Growth" pioneered by Portland, Oregon.

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