Friday, May 2, 2014

In September 2001, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) planned to urbanize Marin BEFORE Plan Bay Area

Susan Adams and Judy Arnold have known about the plans to urbanize Marin since 2001. Both now claim that it was "poorly implemented" as they try to get re-elected.  But both of these ladies were aware of it since the early days after their election.
Susan Adams served as our ABAG representative for 10 years before resigning as it's Vice President in 2012.  She has known every detail of the plans for urbanizing the county since 2001. Her claims of ignorance about the Marinwood Priority Development Area is not credible given the hours she served. 
Now she says she want's to "revisit" the idea of establishing the Marinwood Priority Development Area in "the future" i.e. after the election.
Marin District One Voters must vote her out and elect DAMON CONNOLLY and TONI SHROYER who support a true public process when planning for growth in Marin.
See the original map HERE

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