Saturday, May 3, 2014

China's Ghost Cities- A warning for One Bay Area Plan?

All over China, massive cities are being developed without current market demand. They are speculating on future economic growth,  much like the One Bay Area Plan speculating the growth of the Bay Area market demand.
 The above video is a clip about China's ghost cities.   There are massive developments all over China which are being fueled by central government controlled "planners" who are ignoring fundamental laws of supply and demand.  The supply of housing is being created far in advance of actual demand and is unaffordable by the ordinary Chinese worker.   Because of the industrial economic growth,  Chinese are awash in capital.  Government central planners mandate real estate development so that they can claim growth for the country's GDP 
Like China,  the One Bay Area Plan is pure government speculation.  Big Box apartment developments over small shops near public transit are not in demand.  The only way these developments can guarantee occupancy is with government subsidized apartments.   Unfortunately, the only way they can be supported is with massive taxpayer support. 
Both the One Bay Area Plan and China's Ghost Cities are examples of central government trying to speculate on the future instead of allowing the laws of supply and demand determine growth. 
With history of sensitive land use policies and private investment,  Marin has become the very definition of a livable suburb that Smart Growth planners strive for.  How ironic that they now want to raze our Marin suburbs to build their "new and improved" Smart Growth cities of tomorrow.

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