Friday, May 2, 2014

Save Marin Again

The County of Marin is under attack from Politicians, Planners and Real Estate Developers who want to urbanize our human scale towns and villages to high density "Transit Oriented Development" .  From Sausalito to Novato, along the 101 corridor every neighborhood within a half mile of the freeway is called the 101 Priority Development Area.  

Single family homes may be taken by eminent domain and replaced with apartment buildings if Senate Bill SB-1 is signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  All over Marin, the county has identified sites for a massive expansion of subsidized housing  for the 2012 housing element. 

In the tiny middle class neighborhood of Marinwood (pop. 6000) the county wants to grow the community by over 25% in low income, non profit developments that pay almost no taxes. In Larkspur, officials are considering a scheme to add 920 apartment units, hotels, massive retail at one of the busiest intersections in the county.  

All over the county, the citizens are rising up and joining forces under Citizen Marin  to Save Marin Again!

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