Monday, January 12, 2015

Why we love living in our Eichlers (and Hoytt homes) in Marinwood Lucas Valley

Here is an Eichler Homeowner gushing about the liveable Suburban dream.  I think his enthusiasm for living close to nature is felt by many of us in Marinwood/Lucas Valley and Terra Linda.  New Urbanists sneer at the "Suburban Livestyle" (aka. Sprawl) but they fail to see the virtues of living close to the land.  Almost all of my neighbors have native plants and organic gardens. Some even have chickens and bees to round out their suburban homestead.  Many have rooftop solar and drive electric or hybrid cars.  

Our "green " suburban lifestyle has no place in "Plan Bay Area" or the Mann County Housing Element.   Living in a high density apartment you can't have solar, a garden or live in peace with nature.

Marin Supervisors, Steve Kinsey, Kate Sears and Katie Rice want to urbanize Lucas Valley with high density apartments and bus shelters.  The "Rotary Field" (abutting Lucas Valley Road in front of the Juvenile Hall) is rumored to become a Civic Plaza  ("the Susan Adams Center?)  for the new "Smart Growth" city they want to build. 

We will preserve our beautiful valley. We will welcome projects that fit in our community like Rotary Village (11 units per acre)  and reject high density housing  Marinwood Village (30 plus units per acre) that doesn't.

We will Save Marin Again!

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