Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ericka Erickson advocates Multifamily homes in Single Family Neighborhoods to Stop Segregation

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Ericka Erickson,  Marinwood Mom, Housing Advocate, and recently appointed Planning Commissioner will be submitting her recommendations for the Housing Element SEIR  (Environmental Impact Report) for Unincorporated Marin and the Housing Element that puts 70% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin in Marinwood-Lucas Valley on July 8th.

In her professional life she is a housing advocate and community organizer with Marin Grassroots ( where she is an advocate for "social equity"  In the above clip, she argues for the inclusion of the Los Ranchitos  affordable housing site in a single family neighborhood because single family home zoning is a "tool for segregation".  

We have no idea what data she uses to support this assertion but clearly zoning policy is being established on these ideological grounds.  So essentially, if multifamily homes have a right to be anywhere,then single family neighborhoods will become illegal in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.  

This is another good reason that you must speak out against the Housing Element.
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The Apartment building next door to you? Planners advocate placing multifamily homes in single family neighborhoods to "combat racism". Essentially this outlaws single family neighborhoods in favor of multiunit dwellings. Radical proposals like these have been implemented in Seattle over the outrage of the community.

It doesn't sound like a "planning exercise" to me.  These housing advocates are demanding immediate implementation of the Housing Element to build in our neighborhoods

Here is the petition being solicited by

Housing Element Petition

Dear Marin County Planning Commission,

            As advocates supporting social equity, racial justice, inclusivity, and fair housing in Marin County, we are writing to support the draft 2012 Housing Element.

            We recognize that the Planning Commission Staff has analyzed the best approach to increase affordable housing in Marin County in order to satisfy compliance with HUD.  We support policies and zoning designations in the Housing Element that allow and encourage affordable housing. We recognize that supporting affordable housing can be implemented best when the Marin County is following the State Housing law and the Housing Element draft guidelines.

            We urge the Planning Commission of Marin County to adopt the Housing Element in its current form and advocate for expanding affordable housing options that include lower to mid range incomes. Marin Grassroots issues the following recommendations in order to ensure that affordable housing is implemented to the fullest extent in accordance to the Marin County Housing Element:

1. In agreement with section V-9 2.k, (Promote and Ensure Equal Housing Opportunity), we support making information available regarding equal opportunity housing through a new and more inclusive study of Analysis of Impediments (AI) to Fair Housing. We ask that the Planning Commission be proactive and begin the AI immediately, in order to ensure that the barriers to fair housing choice are studied to their fullest extent. Additionally, members of the Action Coalition for Equity (ACE) be included as identifying stakeholders. We also encourage that the written material addressing equal opportunity housing rights is available at all public locations, including transit hubs.

2. Form a Steering Committee within 3 months of approving the Housing Element, to advise and oversee the implementation and timing of the Housing Element. The committee should ensure that the Housing Element programs work towards furthering the platforms of Title VI to affirmatively further fair housing by fostering inclusive housing patterns throughout Marin County regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability and ensuring that all programs are being conducted in a non-discriminatory manner.

3. Increase funds and resources for grant programs and government assistance to better incentivize local anti-displacement due to market rate housing and discrimination including lower-income status and race. Fund mitigations in Marin County, such as land banking and housing rehab.

We will be following and supporting the Marin County Housing Element. Thank you for your support to increasing fair housing and removing all barriers to discrimination to housing in Marin County.

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