Thursday, February 7, 2013

Introducing our Newest Planning Commission Member, Ericka Erickson

Ericka Erickson

Editor's Note:  It would be nice if the Supervisors chose at least one resident of Marinwood-Lucas Valley for the planning commission given the number of housing units they are forcing on us.  After all, we are paying taxes and will pay the most costs related to 71% all of affordable housing for Unincorporated Marin that will be located here. 

They chose housing and social activist, Ericka Erickson.  Below is some information to provide an insight to her qualifications.

[Update: Ericka Erickson announced at the February 11, 2013 planning meeting, that indeed she is a resident of Marinwood. We couldn't be happier.  She is also a mother and we presume she will be sensitive to the issue of Dixie School Funding and increased taxation as a result of a large influx of apartment complexes that provide virtually no tax revenue to support our schools and community services]

Ericka Erickson has been appointed to the Planning Commission according to the Marin IJ.  Her interests include Social Equity-  The Marin IJ published the story 2/6/2013.

From Marin Grass Roots website

Ericka Erickson, MPA, Associate Director, has been working with Marin Grassroots since June of 2002 in various capacities. A naturalized American citizen from Brazil, Ericka’s background also includes more than 15 years of national and international experience in the areas of marketing, adult education, and organizational development. She has a Masters degree in Public Administration and a B.A. in Business Administration from two of the top universities in Brazil. A former member of the Marin Women’s Commission and of the Alcohol Justice’s Board of Directors, she is a current member of the Marin Women’s Political Caucus and of the Board of Directors at Brazilian Alliance. She lives in San Rafael with her husband Mark Erickson and daughter Eva, enjoys outdoor activities and teaches Zumba as a hobby.

She previously was involved with Urban Habitat  which sued the City of Pleasanton for more affordable housing  here

From Marin Grassroots Website

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Here is her twitter feed:


  1. Thanks for the introduction and the post update. I truly love Marinwood. I am looking forward to working with all of you and our neighbors to promote an even better and more sustainable Marinwood and Marin County for all of us, our kids, and future generations.
    Truly yours, Ericka

  2. Thank you for responding, Ericka. As you know, especially due to the Citizen Marin meeting on March 20th, rhetoric is getting overheated in the community. I think you can offer a unique perspective to bridge the gap of understanding between Marinwood-Lucas Valley, activists and the Planning Commission. I would love to meet you over coffee to understand your perspective. I believe you can understand our perspective as a mom and a fellow resident, the challenges we face. We are NOT against all affordable housing. please email me at