Friday, January 16, 2015

The Planning Commissioners and Community Development Staff who want to urbanize Marinwood-Lucas Valley

Leelee Thomas, Chief Planner, Marin Community Development Department lives in lovely Woodacre while pushing urban development on the rest of us.
Wade Holland, Planning Commissioner was appointed by Steve Kinsey
Margret Biele

Ericka Erickson of Marinwood also works for Marin Grassroots for "social equity" also a Steve Kinsey appointee.

Brian Crawford, Community Development Director and his staff
Don Dickenson, Planning Commission questions assumptions of Housing Element such as the density bonus that gives developers to build OVER allowable limits in the general plan.
Unfortunately, the other planning commissioners don't appear to care.

Katie Crecilious, Housing Advocate from Novato,  now Planning Commissioner advocated putting housing on school sites in Lucas Valley including Miller Creek Middle School and the Waldorf School in the last housing element. 

Pete Theran, Planning Commissioner listens to the public object to the Housing Element that has 400% MORE housing than required by the State.  300 of the 500 units are in Marinwood.
Wade Holland think most of the affordable housing should go in Marinwood because "they have the space".  He  blocked a senior development in the last housing element in his community of Inverness. 

Brian Crawford Community Development Director who lectures us on "social equity", owns a large tract of land in West Marin and Petaluma pushes big development on Marinwood/Lucas Valley.
He is one of the highest paid employees in the County.

John Eller, Architect/Developer of Affordable Housing , Planning Commissioner is an industry insider.

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