Tuesday, January 13, 2015

California Coastal Commission seals the Fate of Land Use in West Marin on May 17, 2014

Coastal Commission Meeting with new Land Use Plan for West Marin.  Here is  the nearly 6 hours of the Coastal Commission meeting held on May 15, 2014 at the Inverness Yacht Club.  I did not attend nor did I watch the full video, yet.  Marin County, Community Development Agency, led by Brian Crawford, presented a plan for Land Use Planning changes to be consistent with the objectives of Plan Bay Area.
Brian Crawford, Marin County Community Development Agency
presented housing plans for West Marin.

The Marin IJ only reported on the fracking protest that I don't think was even covered inside the meeting.  The real crux of the issue, was Marin County radically altering property rights in the Ag. areas.

I listened briefly yesterday when one of the commissioners from Southern California was debating if homes could be occupied by non agricultural workers. Another commissioner wanted homes allowed to be built only if occupants were blood relatives.  Another request that "gentrified" agriculture like wine be disallowed and that "agritainment" like farm tours are banned.
Are you listening to the public, Steve Kinsey?
Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey, is Chairman of the
California Coastal Commission and President of MTC
which along with ABAG is responsible
for Plan Bay Area that will radically urbanize Marin
and seize development rights everywhere.
Why should a politician from San Diego, have voting rights to decide the use of farmland in West Marin?  Shouldn't WE be deciding this?

The CCC is an agency whose mission now seems to encompass a mission far greater than coastal access and is embarking on social engineering .   They are an example of an administrative JPA who threatens the very concept of local democracy.

This Coastal Commission Plan is bullshit

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