Friday, January 16, 2015

My Letter to Damon Connolly on the appointment of a New Planning Commissioner.

Damon Connolly is sworn in as District One Supervisor on January 6, 2015

I hope you are settling into your new position.  We are all so proud of you in Marinwood/Lucas Valley as our Supervisor.

As you know, four planning commissioners are to be appointed in the next few weeks.

Although we tried mightily to secure a local person to represent the average District 1 homeowner's concerns, no one I know was able to submit an application for appointment.  The job requires too much of a working person or busy parent.  

Fortunately, you may have the option to reappoint Don Dickerson.  Although he voted in projects in the Marinwood Lucas Valley Area, many of us feel that he is thoughtful, sensitive to community needs and asks penetrating questions about planning.  He is well respected in the community and we think he is a good appointment.

The others commissioners do not have our support.  Most especially Enrika Erickson whose advocacy for Marin Grassroots seems to be inseparable from her objectivity in representing the community.  As a "social equity advocate" she appears to promote ideology over sound planning principles.


Here is a clip of Erika suggesting that Single Family Home Zoning should be eliminated in Los Ranchitos area as it is a main factor of segregation in Marin.   I do not know where she get's her data "proving" this.  From her logic NO single family zoning should be allowed ANYWHERE in Marin.  This is a radical proposition that would destroy the suburban rural character of our district.

Likewise Kate Crecilious is an affordable housing advocate does not have our hicommunity support.  She petitioned the planning commission to put multifamily zoning on school sites in the Dixie School District.  Although this was quickly dismissed as impractical, it demonstrates her resolve of building high density subsidized housing at all costs in Marin.

All I am asking for is people with commonsense and without a personal agenda to serve the community.  Don Dickerson is a fine example but I'd prefer someone who is even more committed to sensible local planning for Marinwood/Lucas Valley. 

We should not be forced to be burdened with 80% of all the affordable housing quota in just two high density projects for all of Unincorporated Marin.

Thanks for listening.


Stephen Nestel

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