Monday, January 12, 2015

The Heavy Hand of the California Coastal Commission.

If you think this is bad, just wait until the new Redevelopment Agencies come in to redevelop Marin!

We will Save Marin Again!

Highlights from the Video:

*a structure considered by the CCC appears to be as something as insignificant as a fence post.*a road repair seems to have been interpreted by the CCC as the construction of a road.
*the use of land appears to be generally micromanaged by CCC.
*the executive director of CCC appears to have no restraint in his influence over board members or how these CCC laws are administered.
*CCC is increasingly functioning as a one branch autonomous government agency conducting activity in legislative, executive and judicial areas using an appointed board.
*ESHA (Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area) apparently somehow was drawn AROUND a board members house and that house was not included.
*A racketeering case associated with a development in LA (the frying pan) was won by the land owners only to have them be thrown into the CCC fire.
*Without due process CCC levies daily fines and then will settle for a lesser amount or some land acquisition. These fines add up very quickly and in most (all?) cases are upheld by a judge crushing land owners spirit and ability to fight this abuse.
*For better or worse, these daily fees imposed by government agency are in part the reason the Clive Bundy stand off occurred. In Bundy's case: federal grazing fees and fines. As I understand it everyone else who owned land in this area gave up.
*A court document related to the inspection of private land stated video taping by the land owner was prohibited. Violation of the Bagley-Keene act and individual constitutional rights.
*The State AG is able to counter judicial action by land owners due to the vast resources of the State.
*Improving a structure becomes a life altering process.
*Judges in these cases are likely appointed by people closely associated with the Coastal Commission and beholden to them.
*Wildfire hazards appear to have increased as a result of CCC policy and activity. The State Fire Commission seems to view the CCC as having amended the state fire code contrary to their lack of authority to do so putting people, land and wildlife at unnecessary risk.
*there seem to be many extraneous, special purpose commissions, committees, boards and authorities that now compete with each other on a number of issues. Government competing with government has to be the biggest waste of time, energy and resources imaginable.
*Presumption of correctness in the court system makes government infallible (you may be thinking of the pope right now...).

I think it might be good to start with this last item. To deem our public servants infallible is a recipe for disaster and denies we the people any chance of equal justice under the law, not to mention our lack of ability to hold these agencies and public servants accountable. The other problem with CCC is that while the rule of law is supposed to provide certainty for we the people in our  affairs, the planning approach and its arbitrary and discretionary nature do not allow for this certainty. The law needs to be written, administered and complied with the same way for all, if we are to reach the founding fathers ideal of equal justice.

An arbitrary and capricious government moves people to find alternative ways to do what they want outside of the law. A corrupt government moves people to create black markets, smuggle and openly flout the law to accomplish their goals contributing to the breakdown of the rule of law.

An oppressive government creates a passive-aggressive behavior dynamic with people saying one thing while doing another. This lack of harmony of thought, feeling and action is a problem for people any society. If we are to remain a free people, we need to be able to trust each other and trust our government is acting in our best interest, representing us under law.

By making bad/unconstitutional law, the government creates criminals out of everyone and contributes to a growing reactive movement starting the slow march towards social unrest, a breakdown of society and its social order.  As you know, history is full of revolutions against tyranny. Government needs to extend the lightest possible hand over society, passing only those laws that are necessary to keep the peace and administer equal justice under those same laws.

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