Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yes, there will be Muddy tracks in the Meadow

Deep rutted tire tracks in the mud behind the modular building.

The site plan submitted to Marin County Community Development is deeply flawed and understates the actual impact on Marinwood Park.  The unusual "drive through" design will require vehicles to drive 450' into the park to make a 180 degree turn.  It won't matter if it is raining or muddy, our Ford F250 is 22' long and there isn't any other place to turn around.  Backing out of the facility will be very difficult. Imagine backing up 300' around blind curves, support columns, fellow workers and pedestrians to Miller Creek Rd. The current "White Elephant" design is expensive and impractical.

The current Marinwood CSD "drive through" design wastes 1/3 of its interior space for an access road.

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