Saturday, September 1, 2018

Why the Maintenance Compound doesn't have Garage Doors and can't park vehicles

The Marinwood Maintenance compound is a "drive through" facility which wastes 1/3 of the volume for access road.  Support columns inside limit movement making it impractical to store vehicles inside.   The architect ignores the practical need of the facility to create a slick facade in violation of the age old design wisdom " form follows function".  Workman need access, light and ventilation and the Marinwood facility ignores these basic needs. It also means we have a significant larger and more costly facility which will require a large area outside the facility for parking and material storage.  What is the point?

Here is Bill Hansell explaining why he chose to ignore garage doors for our Maintenance garage at the May 2018 Marinwood CSD meeting.

Mid Century style building is cramped for vehicles has poor ventilation and is terrible for the practical needs of a garage, storage and work area. The architect ignores basic design principle that "form follows function" 

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