Saturday, September 1, 2018

Marinwood Maintenance Compound walking tour

We outlined the proposed Marinwood Maintenance compound (aka "White Elephant") today in chalk to give people a better idea of the size of the project. As we set out the markers, people stopped and were amazed at the size. Not a single person supports the project and every one signed the petition and promised to tell their neighbors. For many of us, Marinwood Park is part of our daily walk in nature and this facility would be a huge obstacle to enjoy it. Everyone wondered why they need so much space for 3 people who work outdoors everyday. We are petitioning the Marinwood CSD to have a real public forum. We need to see alternate designs that have a smaller footprint and we need to know how much they will cost prior to a public vote.


  1. You should also include where the existing shed fits inside for true reference. There is already one of the two buildings being replaced. I think it would helpful to see the true scale.

  2. I think the best way is just stop by and see for yourself. It really is hard to describe a 3 dimensional objects accurately. This is one of the reasons that the architectural renderings are so confusing. Most people think the new building is approximately the size of the modular. The really see the scale when they visit the site. It would be preferable to have story poles too. You can judge for yourself how big it is when you walk around. The new compound is nine times the size of the modular building yet it still will require outdoor parking in front of the compound.

  3. The best way to view it is to visit the site and judge the size for yourself. It is very difficult to describe a 3 d object in a 2 dimensional space without distortion. The new compound is nine times the size of modular building and 50% taller. It really is tough to describe this. Despite the size, vehicles, materials and landscaping debris will still be parked in front of the maintenance compound. We believe the only area for the public will be a narrow walking path and the horse shoe pit which will be in between the walking path along the drainage canal and the new access road.