Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Photographs of the Toxic waste site known as the Eastern Hot Spot behind Prosperity Cleaners in Marinwood Plaza

A series of groundwater testing sites first established in 2007 revealed high level of contamination.
The wells are located a few feet from the chainlink fence. On the other side is Caltrans Right of Way (Miller Creek Ave. Southbound on ramp.)

The door on the right is the back door to the room where the dry cleaning machinery was kept.  A toxic hot spot was found underneath the machinery and excavated to 15 feet in 2017.  Toxic waste was discovered at a depth greater than 35' ( below the water table).  Treatment was administered in 2017 which dropped toxic levels but still it is above residential standards. The toxic soil vapor remains a threat to Casa Marinwood and workers inside Marinwood Plaza.

The second door to Prosperity Cleaners has been boarded up  and debris remains after work in 2017.

A view from Caltrans property to that shows the toxic hotspot in the foreground and you can make out the back door to Prosperity Cleaners in the background. 

When the workers in the Prosperity Cleaners plant cleaned machinery, they would dump the buckets of liquid containing toxic PCE into the grassy area next to the chain link fence.  Although the toxic soil has been treated on the Marinwood Plaza side of the fence, there have been NO soil testing and treatment on the Caltrans property.  The discharger claims that the toxic soil has been fully treated but this is preposterous as the toxic waste would tend to run downslope through the chainlink fence and into the ground on both sides.  Unless both sides of the fence are tested and treated  there is NO ASSURANCE that the toxic waste has been fully treated. It may continue to generate toxic soil vapor and pollute the groundwater for DECADES.

Toxic waste is very harmful to pregnant women, children and the immune compromised.  It is vital that ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE is served to protect the health of the most vulnerable.  Marinwood Plaza has been the site of two affordable housing proposals.  It almost got built last time when there was an attempt to cover up the toxic waste issue.  Fortunately, citizens uncovered the data and are now advocating on the behalf of the community, Casa Marinwood, St Vincents and Silviera Ranch.

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