Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why Marinwood Park needs a natural landscaping plan. Photos tell the story.

The Marinwood Park Maintenance Area occupies over an acre of Marinwood Park that could be better used for a playground or a picnic area.  It resides on the bank of beautiful Miller Creek

Rusting equipment trucks and trailers are parked everywhere.  Large piles of landscaping waste are stored thoughtlessly.

Even the bulk storage of materials is unkempt.

Workers drive vehicles in the grasslands on the nature trail oblivious to the beautiful animals, wildflowers and grasses they crush.   Why couldn't the vehicle wait for the walker to pass before proceeding?  Instead the soil becomes compacted from years of poor landscaping practices.

A more beautiful Marinwood Park can become reality and it really doesn't take much more effort than adhering  to a policy of sound landscaping practices for open space.   Trails don't need to be wider than a single vehicle.  Over time, the landscape will recover and beauty will be restored.

We love our park.  Kids love to play in Miller Creek.  We need to make MAKE BEAUTY a PRIORITY and store our essential vehicles in a practical facility like  other parks in Marin.

A practical shed like this is the standard for most communities in Marin County. They cost a tiny fraction of the proposed maintenance shed for Marinwood Park which if built will be the MOST EXPENSIVE IN MARIN COUNTY. The cost savings can be invested in better facilities elsewhere in the Park.

We don't need much.  Just a little love for Marinwood Park.

A beautiful natural playground next to Miller Creek can be built for our children. 
Isn't this a better use of our park than rusty equipment and landscaping waste?

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