Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Miwok Archealogy Dig in Marinwood Park. Documents from Charles Slaymaker, PHD from the Marin County California Room

Here is a video for your reference.  It is from the collection at the the California Room at Marin Civic Center.  It shows several documents including the Charles Slaymaker studies of Marinwood/Lucas Valley. 

Architectural digs occurred throughout the valley and the recently commissioned study by Marinwood CSD barely mentions this.   Indian relics are regularly found throughout Marinwood park especially after rains.  Marinwood Park and Miller Creek school were home to several large settlements encompassing thousands of year of history.  It is fairly obvious given the geography and plant life why Marinwood Park would be so desirable. It is flat, has access to food, animals, materials for tools and trading, its close to the bay yet protected from harsh weather.

There is a large midden  (burial mound) that is fenced in at Miller Creek middle school. A child's skull was discovered near it after a rainstorm around 2006 and was buried again after it was determined likely a Miwok child.

In 1967, Marin County Supervisors made it a crime to disturb middens without express permission.  This was one of the first such laws in the United States.

Marinwood/Lucas Valley has a long and interesting ethnographic history that is just beginning to be uncovered. We live in a rich and wonderful valley.

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