Friday, June 10, 2016

The Marinwood CSD Solar Contract- ANOTHER SMOKING GUN the Audiotapes

In November 2012 after twice violating government ethics, the Marinwood CSD approves a contract with a Marinwood CSD board member, Cyane Dandridge WITHOUT PUBLIC DISCUSSION. The contract provided Dandridge the EXCLUSIVE right to select the solar contractor, SolEd Benefit Corporation.  SolEd Benefit Corporation is providing solar at least DOUBLE the cost of competitive systems and was approved by the Marinwood CSD in January 2016.

Dandridge presented the CSD the SEED proposal in September 2012 (violation #1) but did not reveal that she owned the company SEI. Then in October 2012, she recused herself and the board voted for the "no bid" contract (violation #2). County counsel objected and Dandridge resigned to avoid the conflict of interest but this still does not absolve the prior or subsequent actions of the board.  

Not only did board members Bruce Anderson, Tarey Read, Bill Hansel and Leah Green knowingly enter into a no bid contract with Dandridge they also DID NOT ALLOW PUBLIC DISCUSSION (violation #3).  

The audio was provided by Marinwood CSD Manager Tom Horne in November 2012 and segments are suspiciously inaudible (violation #?).

Government official cover up?   No Bid Contracts? 

See Conflict of Interest rules HERE

CSD Board Members approving the SEED Contract in November 2012: Leah (Kleinman-)Green (president) , Bruce Anderson, Bill Hansell, Tarey Read.  Tom Horne, Marinwood CSD manager

CSD Board Members approving SolEd Contract in March 2016  Justin Kai (president), Leah Kleinman Green, Izabela Perry, Bill Shea and Jeff Naylor approved.

As of 6/10 2016 , the SolEd Solar construction has been delayed for reasons unknown to the public.  

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