Monday, June 6, 2016

Comments on Moving the Ritter House homeless shelter to North San Rafael at the City Council Meeting

A large crowd gathered at the San Rafael City Council Chambers Monday, June 2, 2016 to discuss the relocation of the Ritter House for Homeless Services and REST (Temporary Homeless Shelters).  The room was packed with member of Marin Organizing Committee and a few members of Marinwood and the business community.  Justin Kai, Marinwood CSD president spoke eloquently about why the relocation to 67 Mark Dr. San Rafael, CA would create big problems for the Marinwood, Mont Marin and East San Rafael.  


  1. How do we help? Is there a phone number to call or another meeting coming up? I live in Contempo and I'm so worried about this.

  2. Oh shifting home to shelter how sad this really disappointing