Sunday, June 12, 2016

Online anonymity is for Wimps

Gavin McInnes of The says: I feel sorry for people who feel the need to be anonymous online. They are so scared of getting in trouble, they self censor. The thought police don’t even have to show up to work. We’re doing their jobs for them by hiding in the shadows. 

What’s really amazing about these cowards is how arrogant they are. They relentlessly call non-anonymous people cowards and mock them from afar like it means anything to be insulted by a fictional character. They also believe their irrelevant comments are making a difference. They’re not.

We have people losing their jobs for making a donation. They are going to jail for refusing to marry homosexuals. We have soldiers in the Middle East dying for their country without questioning any orders. Housewives are getting arrested for letting their kids walk home alone from the park. Then, they do it again and get arrested again, on purpose. When the government tried to evict Cliven Bundy, men grabbed their guns and formed a line in front of the police. These people are making a difference.

If you’re hiding, the only cause you’re helping is political correctness. Don’t be cowed. Be a bull. Be yourself. 

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