Thursday, June 16, 2016

Marinwood CSD on the Homeless Shelter move to North San Rafael

At the June 14, 2016 Marinwood CSD board meeting, I petition that Marinwood CSD comment on the relocation of the Ritter House homeless services to 67 Mark Dr in North San Rafael.  The CSD is the first responder with Emergency Services and also owns thousands of acres of open space.  We currently have problems with illegal encampments and homeless in our parks.  This problem will greatly increase if allowed to go unchecked and burden our services.  As a "stakeholder" it is imperative we are a part of the discussion.  

The board president, Justin Kai comments that the issue is not the business of the Marinwood CSD.   At the end of the meeting, no director placed the issue on the agenda for discussion.

What do you think?


  1. The CSD has limited powers granted by the County. It is not appropriate for the CSD to protest the actions of the City of San Rafael. Should the Dixie school district or the Las Galinas Sanitary district which both also have limited powers protest the potential location of Ritter? It is up to the county to work with San Rafael on the impact its decisions will have on unincorporated areas of the county.

  2. That is ridiculous. We have a JPA that requires our Fire Department to respond to emergency calls in North San Rafael. In fact more than half of our calls last month were medicals in North San Rafael, yet we taxpayers in Marinwood CSD are stuck with the bill. Also, we have to enforce the "no illegal camping" in our parks and open space. Illegal encampents have caused three fires in the last year. This number will undoubtedly increase with more homeless. We will need to hire enforcement officers. It is likely that we will see more drug/alcohol use in the parks just as it is happening in San Rafael.

    We lack leadership on the Marinwood CSD. They may talk a good game but they behave like sheep when it comes to larger political forces that our shaping our community. This is PRECISELY the reason Marinwood-Lucas Valley is targeted for development and why Gary Giacomini thinks he can push us around.

    This will not stand. We will fight back, with or without the CSD.