Saturday, June 18, 2016

Breaking News: Marinwood Hate Crime

Marinwood CSD receives rude messages from public after the April 2016 went viral on Youtube.  The video which shows police attempting to remove citizen from the Marinwood CSD meeting after an outburst objecting to the new Orwellian speech code.  

Jeff Naylor wants to keep his information on the web to speak with local citizens.  Izabela Perry and Leah Kleinman-Green agree.  

Leah Kleinman-Green speculates that the prank caller may have been hired by a local person to terrorize the board. She prefers listing her phone number because "she doesn't have to call back".

Justin Kai, Marinwood CSD Board president asks the board to adopt a new communication policy to protect themselves from unwanted public contact to avoid incidents like Florida.

Ultimately, the majority of the board vote to maintain the status quo.

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