Sunday, September 13, 2015

Will parking near Marinwood Village look like this?

Editor's Note: The meeting on April 25th with Supervisor Adams, Department of Public Works, and the California Highway Patrol revealed to the public that Miller Creek Avenue median strip is being narrowed to make room for a bike lane and parking. This is most likely for overflow street parking from the proposed Marinwood Village low income housing.  We bring you this quick clip of the Canal district to show you what parking on may look like Miller Creek Avenue between 101 Freeway and Las Gallinas in the future.

Take a quick trip to the Canal District and try to find a parking space with us.   You'll find no matter where you drive, you'll find bumper to bumper cars parked on every street.  Even though the apartments have parking, the streets are always packed with additional cars. 

Bridge Housing argues that low income residents don't need as much parking because they prefer public transportation.  The reality is they need cars as much as anyone else.  Because they often live several families per apartment, they typically have MORE cars per household.

If Marinwood Village is built, it is a reasonable to expect the surrounding neighborhoods will be packed with parked cars. Miller Creek Avenue from Marinwood Ave. to Las Gallinas is being widened to allow for more street parking and a bike path. 

Do you want Marinwood to become another urban neighborhood, with Big Box apartments and wall to wall cars? 

Join us to stop the supervisors from turning us into Marinwood City.

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  1. Great Video.

    Drive through the Canal at night to show all the people hanging out on the street that are up to no good.