Friday, May 8, 2015

Preventing Displacement in the San Francisco's Mission

Dawn Philips, community activist with Just Cause or Causa Justa is testifying at the April 15, 2015 Capstone Conference on Preventing Displacement. She is concerned with ABAG's push to gentrify working class neighborhoods which will have the effect of displacing existing residents. 

This the exact concern of many who find "One Bay Area" , a forty year government plan to "improve" our lives to be overbearing and limits people's choice. 
 This is as true in the Mission as it is in Marin.  Causa Justa advocates for more government controls to fix the disparity and we think more democracy is the solution. We agree that communities have a right to their self determination and no planning bureaucrat or politician has the right to force communities to bend to their will. We live in a democracy.

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