Thursday, May 7, 2015

HOD Zoning Magic or How to fool the public into thinking that zoning isn't changing

Ever wonder how the Board of Supervisors changed zoning on Commercial Properties without consulting the public?  The magic technique of designating HOD (Housing Overlay Designation) to commercial sites.  This allows them to plan for new housing without the fuss of a public hearing.
Watch for eminent domain coming to your neighborhood soon.

Marinwood Plaza has a HOD zoning designation.
From the Marin County wide plan:
"The purpose of the HOD is to encourage construction of units to meet the need for workforce housing, especially for very low and low-income households, and for special needs housing, in the City-Centered Corridor close to transit, employment, and/or public services. Sites for the HOD
include reuse of existing shopping centers or other underutilized sites.

Development on sites designated as both mixed use and as suggested HOD sites shall be developed pursuant to the HOD Policy and Program and not per mixed-use land designation criteria. Each square foot of market-rate HOD housing shall be offset by an equal reduction in the square footage of the permissible commercial development.

Up to 658 housing units may be approved within the HOD, subject to a discretionary approval process".


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