Saturday, May 9, 2015

Transparency in Union negotiations- Not on your life!

Marin Board of Supervisors discusses transparency in Union negotiations (COIN). Union Executive Director, Rollie Katz (14:00) blasts the idea and the Citizens for Sustainable Pension Plans.  The very next speaker for the Firemans Union goes further and alleges that the CSPP are the same type of people against affordable housing and want to keep Marin "lily white".  Ironic because ALL of the firefighters in attendence appear to be Caucasians. Kate Sears(24:12) plays both sides of the issue.  Steve Kinsey was not present and made no comment.Judy Arnold (28:44) believes that CSPP will never be satisfied and is playing political games. Katie Rice (30:00) shuts down further discussion, "No more public comment. We're done."
Katie Rice , "No more public comment. We're done."

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