Friday, May 8, 2015

Marinwood CSD Tarey Read on Brown Act

Marinwood CSD Board President, Tarey Read attempts to implement an action that was not on the agenda and asks if anyone will object according to Brown Act. She dismisses the motion when several in the audience ask that the law be followed.

Such flagrent disregard for the Brown Act has been practiced for years on the Marinwood CSD Board. Bill Hansell and Tarey Read have served for over ten years after their appointment. In the last election, they were reappointed by default after the Marinwood CSD failed to announce it beyond minimal requirements ( a tiny one line announcement buried in a legal ad published on a Monday morning in July).

Bill Hansell and Tarey Read are up for election in November 2015. Application for Marinwood CSD are due in July 2015 and are available at the Marin County Board of Elections.


Someone identifying as Tarey Read posted the following in April 2015:responded to this video:

Tarey Read 1 month ago · LINKED COMMENT
Listen clearly--I said "ready to entertain" not "will entertain". No motion was made so no motion could be dismissed. Always check the facts when viewing any posting from this source. /s/ Tarey Read


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