Monday, January 26, 2015

Important links to find out about the Toxic Waste at Marinwood Plaza.

The State keeps track of all known sites with environmental problems called Geotracker  You'll find out about the Marinwood Village problems:  HERE

Please note that there is a second site on the North Side of the lot (Formerly the Unocal Station) that has been cleaned up to commercial standards (but not for human habitation) at the corner of Marinwood Ave and Miller Creek Avenue.  This is where Bridge is planning to build "market rate housing"  (likely Section 8) and small commercial spaces for retail.

Please note that the initial cleanup order began January 1st, 1990  over 25 YEARS ago and the waste has spread under the highway and into the groundwater.  

A cancer hotspot is said to exist next door in Casa Marinwood.

Our public leaders have failed us.  The environmental damage has been spreading all these years with only minimal remediation.  The county, led by Susan Adams desperately wants low income housing on the site because the location fits the "Smart Growth" ideal of being located next to a freeway and bus stop.  

Unfortunately, families who live here may be exposed to residual effects of hazardous waste currently TWO THOUSAND TIMES and benzene contamination in excess of FOUR TIMES allowable levels. Benzene is a CLASS ONE CARCINOGEN.

None of the politicians, housing activists or industry lobbyists will be living anywhere near this polluted site.  They claim compassion while living tucked away in their McMansions in Southern and West Marin.   Many are hoping to profit from political advancement, government grants, or millions of dollars directly through designing, building or  financing low income homes in Marin.   These developments pay almost NO TAXES forcing the surrounding community to pay for infrastructure, government services and schooling for its residents.

We can build better housing for our needy families in safe areas. This is TRUE compassion.

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